Day 7 - Money please stay with me..

Oh I have blogged for a week. That's really a miracle cause I never in my life finish things I started. I learn stuff, I learn halfway. I don't know if I lack passion, I am dumb or I just can't persevere and get things completed. The only successful thing I have completed was my damn studies though it was not the ideal not what I thought I would end up getting since young. People really changes over time and decisions could affect a lifetime.
When I was young, I have aspiration, passion and nothing goes in my way. I was a model student, prefect with excellent results. And now where do I end up in? I graduated from a foreign university (cause over the years is either I become dumber or I just lost interest).

As I grew up, I learnt that the sky do have its limits. When you are young, no one tells you what you can't do. There is possibilities everywhere. I always dreamt to be a outstanding lawyer, but once you have grown up you will know it is a reality that not many one could do what they always wanted to. There are prerequisites to every open doors. Firstly, I must have super good results. Secondly, I have to be financially well to do. Thirdly, I must have the right connections and opportunities.


My Money!! Please do not part from me... *sobz*

Had to pay my debts. I had borrowed money from a close friend of my during the time when I was still schooling in University to pay for my one semester's course fee it was like around 5K so I still owe her around 2K. Plus I need to give my mum money since I start to work then there goes another 500. Plus my credit card bills...There goes my hard earned money only leaving me with a pathetic few hundred to spend.
Oh Life is a bitch!!

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