Celine's Bday Lunchie!

Chúc mừng sinh nhật ! 

It means happy birthday in Vietnamese.
The other day, Mua Eng , Joe and I were giving the birthday girl who is forever 18 a treat at Vietnamese restaurant along Joo Chiat. I suggested going there cause the other time Sok bought takeaway from the shop and it was relatively good.

For those who are interested to know the name of the restaurant is called Long Phung. It is rather popular among the Viets.

The yummy stuff we had...

Tasty Beef Pho. Beef Kway Teow Soup. The beef is tender and juicy and the soup is flavourful...(not sure if people uses flavourful to describe soup full of flavour)  #limited vocabulary to describe food - Pardon me!

Vietnamese Seafood Fried Rice ~ looks a little bit like Thailand's Pineapple Fried Rice right?
Clam Soup in Special Herbs
Member Fried Chicken ~ hmm it is like chicken wrapped in beancurd stick and taken to deep fried.
Favourite Spring Roll, I prefer the deep fried one.
Here's the authentic Vietnamese Spring Roll - hmm I will like to call it the raw rice roll. Really have the raw raw feel, I like the cooked one better.I remember I tried it once before a long long time ago in a food court located at Scotts Shopping Centre, now I gave it a second chance still I don't like. Haha but it is really personal preference I do have friends who love it! Maybe you all can try??

Well this must be the hidden treasure that I found there. It is the Tamarind Drink!! It has a sour sweet sour sweet taste. The special part of this drink is that there are peanuts at the bottom of the drink. Something to bite on while drinking *keep your mouth very busy lol.

The overall spending only around 10+ 20 per person , I would think it is very reasonable.

We had Honeymoon Desserts (Man Ji) at  I12Katong.

Almond Cream with Glutinous Rice Ball... 

Oh Plus Sneak Peek of the lovely Bday Girl...

*Taken while waiting for us

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