Day 17 - Not Your Grandfather's Road

Have you ever seen this sign on the roads of Singapore? Have you think that it was some marketing gimmick
like I did?
Stickers at the pedestrian crossing...
The more Epic one will be this which I found and the caption was just in case you do not know who is the real grandfather.. lol
No no no! They are vandalism acts committed on the streets of Singapore...However, I find some of the stickers rather amusing like those below.
Although it brought smiles to some fellow Singaporeans face but the 25 year old female guerilla artist had to face dire consequences of either fine not exceeding $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding to 3 years and shall be liable to caning!!
Well what to say, Singapore is a law by law country and sometimes there is no room for creativity and also tolerate of such humour. Don't know if she grew up hearing this phrase often like "cross the road with caution, you think is your grandfather's road" had probably got inspired to paint this down.
Seriously if your grandfather's surname is Lee then maybe this is your grandfather's road la! Too bad obviously you are not. Well art activist have set up a petition for the reduce sentence of the artist.
I would say I admire her courage, if she were to do this overseas, it is a form of art but on your grandfather's land this is a form of crime.

For the original article, you can link on the link below:

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