Day 16 - Bad Day at Work

I got a hammered today for not checking my bids properly, and I didn't answer her questions correctly regarding major lanes and blah blah blah... oh gosh! Early in the morning and have my country gave me problems at work. *Headache Big  Time*

Although I have quite a smart little brain, but I still hope my job does not need me to think too much cause it is killing my brain cells plus office politics is just not my game! Finally have a short break and thus this 

Retarded and Childish I know haha but forming my name using the Alphabet biscuits, tell me you never did such stuff when you are still a kid?

 Well I have thought of  a few ways la to make myself richer so next time I don't need to work and get so stress up:

  1. Make my blog my popular and earn some money through it (but I think this option is out cause it is like ghost town here... people why you no read my blog?)
  2. Make an iphone app that can be as popular as Angry Birds!! (I love angry birds!)
  3. Continue my studies for nails and complete my nail technician certification and have my own shop
  4. Help my daddy set up a pastry cafe where he can display his expertise and create lovely cakes, tarts and pies.
  5. Save more money and play Forex
  6. Change to a higher paying job [But, heard from Mr Loh he said people who graduate from SIM spent more than 6 months to search for a job and did not receive any offer to interviews, that's pretty scary so he say I am very heng^ can find my current job]
  7. Wait for Mr Loh to earn big bucks and take care of me but this option seems not feasible because he say I studied so much cannot just sit at home do nothing : (
  8. Buy ToTo and 4-D just like what my parents and many Singaporeans say buy a hope
  9. Ditch Mr Loh and marry some rich guy joking only la...I prefer to make myself rich then depend on someone rich plus I love Mr Loh alot thus nono.
  10. Sigh... after listing out the future of me becoming richer seems bleak
(^ Hokkien dialect = lucky )

Well , after my dinner at Bedok Food Centre..Guess what is the Rice Dumpling with Salted Egg loved salted egg since young i don't eat dumplings that do not have salted egg in them.

Need some spiritual food to replenish my drain soul.. After thinking through maybe making apps could be a good idea if only I could finish all these

that I have borrowed from the library...haha 
Next time I will be singing this by Gwen Stefani
" I was a rich girl nanananana see I have got all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl~!"
Can't believe it I am singing this, so old school


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    Great post!!
    I followed back and hope to see more awesome posts of yous!!

  2. Love your blog look forward to your future posts too! :)

  3. good luck with your money making schemes! Don't worry, you'll be a super rich lady one day hehe ^_~

  4. Plumi, thanks I hope so too =)