Day 21 - We Are Young at Heart!

Mr Loh despite his reluctances still accompany me to watch the movie that I have been waiting for! Although he is feeling really tired, so a big hug for you! But I think you enjoyed the show too right?

Oh but the cinema is a bit squeezy I think the seats are not very comfortable. But the movie was nice I think the effects and stuff and the " Circus Afro , Circus Afro, Polka Dot, Polka Dot, Circus Afro" if you watch the movie and trailer you would know..haha
Who says adults can't watch cartoons (animated movies) ? I love Ice Age, Despicable Me, Up and Madagascar all these shows sometimes I would say are more meaningful than those gory movies or typical love stories. Why? Because they bring people back to the very fundamentals teachings through the cute cartoon characters they also depict what happens around us. They brought you laughter, knowledge, relaxation and bring back the imaginative you just like when you are young. They have bring people happiness, just the basic happiness that everyone could enjoy. If you notice, cartoons do not portray money and material gains as happiness which sadly people are chasing madly after.

What these cartoons have taught us?

  • How Earth has evolved over the years
  • Determination
  • Importance of Friendship and Family Ties
  • Love and accept the differences friends or people around you  have
  • The strength of one may be small, but they combine their forces, the power is unimaginable!
  • There is always 2 sides to the story, when someone behaves badly there must be a reason as to why
  • No matter how bad a person appears to be, there will always be a good side of him
  • Forgiveness

  • Love and loyalty
  • It's never too old to pursue your dreams
  • Everyone just need the first step, get out of your comfort zone, and there will be much more waiting for you
  • The importance of friendship (Friends never leave each other behind)
  • Do not give up, keep your hopes high cause you will never know what will happen next
  • Not to be anti-racial? (Although there are huge differences be it size, looks or shape, it is still possible to love one another - Melman and Gloria (Giraffee and Hippo)
  • Enjoy every bit of your life (live your life to its fullest and not to worry too much of the future)
  • Always apologize when you are in the wrong
  • Nothing is impossible
So next time, when you catch a animated movie, don't just laugh it off , try to think what has the show made me learn? And you will never think these shows are childish and just for kids.

Last but not least, the Madagascar challenge..If you can't take it please pause the video and not attempt to smash the computer 
Didn't want to torture you with the 1 hour clip so
here's the 10 mins clip of Circus Afro...starring Marty the Zebra!

Enjoy! I think this tune will be stuck in your head for quite awhile...

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