Day 20 - Buffet Dinner for Aunty's Bday

Tomorrow is Aunty's (Mr Loh's Mummy) birthday.  Went with Mr Loh's family members to Trader's Hotel for Buffet. Now there's a deal For 2 paying adults, 1 additional adult will be free. So I happen to be the free one cause his family only consist of 5 people. Papa Loh, Mama Loh, Second and Small Brother Loh.

According to my years of experience of eating buffet the strategy will be first to attack food that is of higher value which will be the seafood...Too bad there is no oysters.. Oysters I love them I can eat like a dozen in a go (but heard my friend say people who like to eat oysters are very horny...Mr Loh love it too .."tsk tsk") Is just a saying right? Have you all heard it before?

Only managed to take a few photos cause if I keep taking I think his parents and brothers would think I am either a mountain turtle (like country bumpkin) or weirdo..
Cha Soba and some sushi....
Rice that taste like lotus leaf rice, Naan, Chicken Tikka, more prawns....
My excellent tasting rojak salad with whatever I saw on the buffet line...

I am not happy today.. Gave aunty hongbao already then Mr Loh want to collect money from me. I told him I got no more money only got 1 life... Take it or leave it!! Now haven't married the money already count so clear I think I next time if really married will he calculate the amount of water I used and ask me pay. I need to go eat grass already. Then today at library still got some mad women flare up saying I take so long to find her book I just wanted to make sure she gets the correct book. DAFUQ! What is the world becoming??

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