Day 22 - Long Running Romance Ended on a Sad Note

You know what the world's oldest animal marriage have ended. The two turtles BiBi and Poldi in the European Zoo have ended their 115 years of marriage. They grew up together and have been each others' company for over a century but recently had refused to share the cage after BiBi the female turtle had attacked Poldi. In order to salvage their marriage, zoo management had tried to counsel the couple.
Only after reading this news, I realised even animals at times cannot stand their male counterparts. Maybe after 115 years, she got sick of him or caught him eyeing other turtle? lol

A turtle friend consoling Poldi...

(credits Divorce Discourse and The Times of India)

Good news at work! My leave have been confirmed. Universal Studio here I come for the second time! The last time the Transformer ride was not ready yet and this time round I am going with a bunch of childhood sweeties..*Looking forward* I remember when we were younger we actually pretend to be Spice Girls and I think I am Posh Spice haha what a joke! Hope the end of year Korea trip would be confirm!! Me want go Korea!! 안녕하세요 Korea...

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