Day 23 - Lunchtime Specials!

Sopfina drove us out for lunch today! Weee...after a couple of days eating at SDV, and we went to Simpang Bedok. Don't know if you all heard of this place before, it is relatively near Bedok and Tanah Merah. We ate the Jalan Tua Kong Lau Lim Bak Chor Mee and Yong Tau Foo! I was famished and forgot to took the pictures of my food.What a waste! Next time must bring Ah Pork (aka Mr Loh) go! Hmm the turnoff part is this place is not very accessible for those who do not drive...

And some Ice-cream (I have a ice-cream overdose today, those who know what I mean)
A little ice-cream shop down the road .. called BLIC Ice Cream Cafe opened this year apparently.
 It has lots of different exciting flavours like Baileys, Sea Salt Malt and Bird Nest etc.

I bought the Bailey's and Peanutella (full flavoured peanut butter with chopped peanut). Sorry for the awful photo I think I can't take photos of food for nuts! The Bailey's are pretty decent and the Peanutella is really peanut butter it just reminds me of the ex-boss's wife dessert the peanut butter stack!! The taste is ok but I feel that the texture of the ice-cream is not as good and melts pretty easily. But still it makes my day happier since I was quite upset for being late for work and made a few blunders here and there at work. Maybe next tine I would introduce my favourite ice-cream stores..quality indulgences!! I think Mr Loh had influenced me as he really loves ice-cream. He can't resist them lol though I teased him cause normally guys do not really have sweet tooth like him!

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