Day 25 - Lazy Saturday Afternoon

The original plan for me and my mahjong lovelies was to go down to Privé at Keppel Bay for Brunch. But in the end, Lao Wang could not make it and said she was down with fever (suspect she was just not interested to eat and that since Ken (Wang's bf) is back from Australia she might want to spend more time with him ba) Then Xiao Hui is in Texas and Lene also could not make it. Thus left me , Sok and Wei Ting. So Sok drove and pick me up from Ah Pork's house and we went Serangoon Gardens for our Brunch.. WE WERE SO HUNGRY!!

We settled for Relish by Wild Rocket @ My Village Serangoon Gardens. As usual, I always order some weird drinks on the menu (Due to my very adventurous nature and my obsessions for things with mint). I ordered the Lemon Ginger Mint Tea..the two of them just ordered the uber boring Earl Grey..haha

It is quite a comfy place to slack your lazy Sunday away...

Our Food!!

Relish Breakfast Platter
Egg Benedict

We also had their Chrysanthemum Carrot Cake and Milo and (Horlicks Marble Cake - highly recommended!) both served with Ice-cream. The food is not bad but the service was so so we went in the cafe without anyone ushering us to seats and we even took our own menu to our seats when we enter.. So far I think the best Egg Benedict will be fom Epicurious @ Robertson Quay. But the ambience is good I would say as there isn't like a lot of crowd plus do not have the time constraint to need to gobble your food down so the next batch of customers could takeover the seats.I would say their Milo and Horlicks Marble Cake is a must try- very nice!! 

Continued our food hunt at Level 1 and we went to Da Paolo by Gastronomia recommended by our Cake Guru - Sok to satisfy our sweet tooth! Bought their Tiramisu and Crunchy Hazelnut.

Tiramisu was heavenly, moist and rich but if they were to add more rum then it will be really Perfect!!

Crunchy Hazelnut was after all not that crunchy but if you are a Ferrero Rocher fan then you would most probably like it!

After that was Mahjong Session and I lost like $17  *sob* But Wei Ting surprises me with the little gifts that she brought back from Korea.

  •  Facial mask( Korea Top Souvenir To Bring Home) haha cause I always receive that when people come back from Korea Trip! 
  • Funky Coloured Bracelet
  • Polka Dottie Hair Clip
  • Shattered Nail Polish
Here's the lovely girl that gave me all these cute little gifts!

Thanks Ms Lee!!

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