Day 39 - Happiness comes in a pair!

Breaking news!! Lene, one of the Mahjong Lovelies had been proposed to and is getting married! The first one in the group to be SOLD!!.

Here's our lovely couple - Choy and Lene! So happy for them!!! I am gonna cry...Félicitations (Congratulations in French)! Looking forward to your wedding soon!!

Second thing to be worth happy about 
Fantastic Baby...Big Bang Concert tickets! Sok, Lao Wang and I need to come up with some strategies for this concert like:

  1. When to start queueing for it?
  2. What to bring?
  3. How to squeeze through the crowd and get to the front nearest to the stage
  4. How to make me taller on that day (people will block my view cause I am vertically challenged not like the two of them who will be blocking people like me..Boo)
  5. How much money to bring on that day to buy the concert merchandise etc etc...

Hahaha all thanks to Lao Wang's fastest fingers and amazing internet speed, or we won't be able to but the tixs!!

I have a gift from my Aunty Shirley, she bought me and Ah Pork cute correction tape. As you can see the pig is Ah Pork (due to his lazy character and always being bullied by me hahaha) and Tiger is me (due to my fiery character.. RoArRRR!!) So kawaii!! Forgot to give Ah Pork this today...Opps! maybe it's fate I should keep both for myself??

Quirky and Fun Stuff Spotted at the favourite neighbourhood shopping mall -  Serangoon Nex!!
Walked into the place where I bought my luggage tag and funny bookmark from ...

Not sure if they allow photography but I secretly snapped some photos of the cute stuff they have in store...
They are not what you think they are. They are rubber but that that kind of rubber. They are erasers!! Wonder what the invigilators of the exam will think if you are using them in an exam..

Diamond Shaped Speakers to go with fantastic music and crazy dance move probably in your own room?

The top row is actually a microphone for people who love to sing K like me!!
The bottom right disco ball is a speaker while the silver robot is an earphone splitter (allows two people to share the music played on 1 iphone)

Pardon me with my shaky hands (so afraid the sales person will come and scold me if I am discovered taking pictures in the shop) But this are vintage remake miniature electronics like hotdog grill , popcorn maker and cotton candy maker. 

A close up of the hotdog and popcorn maker...
They are not just cute decoration but they can really be use to make delicious hot dog and popcorn. As usual my *anyhow buy things syndrome was gonna relapse* OMG I was thinking like this is so cool and cute. My head just pops up with reasons why I need the machine. I can make hot dogs in parties and when I stay up for Korean dramas - but the Smart and Realistic me just came and hammer me cause I can do all these using my microwave which might be faster. But still they are really cute!! Managed to see the brand of these electrics - Nostalgia Electrics and went to google to see what other stuff they have just in case I need to buy one in future *grins*

They have really cool stuff like:

Retro Fridge

Retro fridge can keep 6 cans of drinks chilled at one time!

Slush Drink Dispenser
Imagine a cool drink for this hot sweaty summer!  This drink reminds me of the Slurpy we have in 7-Eleven. hahaha
Snow Cone Maker
I haven't eat snow cones before but I would think this is something like our Ice-Kachang? We can top the snow cones with some red beans, sweet corn and carnation milk...
Pretzel Maker

Don't know if this will taste like the ones sold at Aunty Anne's ? Chocolate Mint Flavour that I loved which I think they don't really sell here in Singapore, I got the chocolate mint one at Malaysia' outlet.

Mini Cupcakes Maker
I love this the most!!! The funky coloured machine can make lovely cupcakes. LOOK! The mini cupcakes looks so cute and delicious!! Me want this!!

Sigh...Why all this miniature so cute?? And somemore really can work one...So tempting!

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