Backdated Post - NDP Building a LovingSG!!

Was all busy sorting my Genting trip photos that I have not realised I had so much backlogs. Have not blogged about some recent stuff in my life (not that you guys might be interested but blog also has it purposes of safekeeping my memories. When I am lao kor kor (in my old age), can still be able to see all the stupid stuff I did and interesting place I went when I am still young (although, I am not exactly very young now lol)

Over the weekend, did some interesting stuff like taking part in Building a LovingSG. It is a NDP (Singapore's National Day Celebration) initiative. It is a fund raising event that helps raise funds for Straits Time Pocket Money Fund to help children who are in need and provide financial needs for their education and more. For just a $5 (less than a MacDonald Meal w/o promotion), I can help the less fortunate, why not? And for my $5, I get 2 LEGO® minifigures- one to place on Marina Bay Floating Platform replica depicting the National Day Parade and one for keepsake purpose.

The event space at Marina Square last Friday.
 Items for us to customised our own LEGO® minifigures.
 Look at the number of people I need to squeeze through to get to customise my figurine.
                                                           Looks exactly like NDP hor?
They even have helicopter, ambulance and those vehicles that we will see on the NDP.
                                                              Lots of Mini Figurines!!
Look like me right? I even put her hair slanted so it will be have her right side hair length longer than left which is exactly the same as mine! No chance to watch actual NDP have the mini me here watch the fake one also not bad. Muahahahaha...
I am seated at my place already. Can you spot me in the crowd?
*Wave* People I am here, sitting with a guy with weird weird hairstyle (the shape of the hair look a bit like owl head) as well lol!

For the keepsake purposes, the figurine looks like this
Cute right? It is for my papa (pastry chef gets the mini chef!) *love my daddy to bits!*

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