Genting Trip with Other Lovely Nuffnang Bloggers!! - Not Suitable forHungry Folks!

I know we are on a foodie tour but didn't expect this to be so hard. This is a tug-o-war. You are now going to witness our struggle between delicious, tempting and mouthwatering food and our limited stomach capacity. :(  Due to the generosity and great hospitality of our host - Resort World Genting, we are given lots of food. I mean really a lot! Ready to see how we attack our food our food attacks us??

First Day - 9 Course Dinner at Genting Palace Restaurant (mind you this is only the beginning...)
The exterior looks really quite grand hor? By the way, it is located on the 2nd floor of Maxims Genting.
Sorry for the blurry photo but this is the classic chinese interior of the restaurant. My photo may look small but this place can contain massive 700 hungry people!
Ready for our first dish?

Special Four Variety "JiangNan" Platter
Second dish,
Double-Boiled Clear Chicken Soup with American Ginseng
Here's my favourite dish. Why? It is a mouthful of wellness, rich and aromatic flavour. Imagine the piping hot soup in the cool weather of Genting. 口口都是幸福! (every mouth filled with happiness) I think this soup should be quite补means it is good for health! Look at the odd shape mushrooms in the soup lol!

Third Dish,

Spices Baked Village Chicken
This is a highly raved dish from our table. We asked for Chef Jacky's recipe. We only managed to know it is cooked with olive oil and spices like rosemary and when we tried to ask more from the chef, the answer was  
it's a secret! Despite our failed attempt to probe for more details of the secret recipe, we still love the dish dearly.

Fourth Dish,

Steamed Red Snapper with Preserved Vegetable & Shredded  Meat
Sorry for the fish staring photo but I have to say the fish is very fresh, the meat is sweet and tender (almost like melting in your mouth)!

Fifth Dish,
Pan-Fried White Prawns with Mild Spicy & Sweet Chilli Sauce
Next, we have
Braised Baby Abalone & Sea Cucumber with Bean Curd & Garden Green 
Well, another favourite! Should be everyone's favourite I guess... By far should also be the most expensive dish ba *question marks??* Dish full of flavour and collagen, all thanks to the succulent and juicy sea cucumber that had soaked up all the tasty gravy. Not forgetting our abalone, one bite through the meat, soft and chewy (not overly chewy that you need to work a lot of your chewing jaws). Managed to eat a few more pieces of sea cucumber to get the collagen boost to maintain my soft and supple skin lol! Thanks Mei Hui (Yvonne's Plus 1) cause she doesn't eat sea cucumber...*evil smile-sea cucumber you are mine!*

Followed by,
Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage and Yam
Kill me, I sucked at taking photo of food especially dark coloured food...Well, if you follow through the post, you will see my photography skills for food improved tremendously with the help of our travel companion + babysitter + tour guide Ladyironchef and also fellow more experienced blogger friends!
This brownish looking rice is very x 5 nice! Every grain of rice is infused with flavour and that smell, till now I could still remember...

Because we are all so adorable, we got 2 desserts!!
Chilled Sweeten White Fungus with Red Dates &  Lotus Seed
and the mochi lookalike eye catching...
Soften Glutinous Ball Stuffed with Mango & Cream 
What happened while we were having this meal?
1. People camwhoring (not too difficult to guess right?)
2. Strange sight only when bloggers are around
You don't see this elsewhere, only when you go on the tour with bloggers...

When the food is served, no one is to touch the food!! All hands ready to snap the best shot of the dishes. Look at Stephanie's plus 2 which happen to be also Sharon's mum looking all bored and waiting for us to finish our shots. Aunty very cute and hip hor (go Patio bar to chill and sing K with us!)

3. People in their own world like both of them below:
Sharon which is Stephanie's plus 1 (At first, she look cool cool kind and aloof, actually 私底下also abit ah siao ah siao one (like me) Opps, please forget the siao siao part, she is frank, direct, cool and lovable!! 
(Anyone interested to make friends with her can leave a comment and your email address! - By the way only
cute/muscular guys wanted..)

And our lovely Nuffies - Gabby

Gabby is going to kill me!!! I posted her unglam photo online....Argh Don't kill me! You still look very sweet here in this photo!! 
4. My stupid cam is not working and my iphone died on me
Who came to rescue! Our travel companion also staff of RWG (Resort World Genting) - Casey equipped with his powerful portable charger! Weeeee no more low batt days... Thanks Casey!

5. Our group photo with

The man behind all the delicious food we had - Chef Jacky Yap Sak Chong. He is a man of culinary skills and a bag of humour!!

We ended our first day dinner with a shot of us using Vonnie aka 自拍天后's camera!

Second Day, we had two buffets (Yes not one, but two - who can eat 2 buffets on the same day ? It's gonna be the invincible stomach expanding blogger heroes - Us!! Muahahaha)
Our brunch at Resort Cafe. If I am not wrong we went for the Best of 2 Worlds Buffet!
What was waiting for us?
Long Buffet Line of Food

And what I ate....

An episode happen during the brunch...Greedy me had placed one slice of oversized bread into the toaster and waiting for 2 minutes , 5 minutes (No bread still, only to realise it is stucked!!) Acting calm I told the staff and went back to the table (Luckily, in the end don't know if they removed the bread, it was working again! haha heng ah!) Oh I had my customised congee that the soup base I added the herbal chicken soup and whatever ingredients I can find, very tasty (I smart hor? See?
My customised congee
I know what you are thinking .. The photo does no justice to it's taste...
Roti Prata
Still got Roti Prata...And our desserts for the brunch!
Which ice-kachang do you like better? Mine is the colourful one!!
During dinner time, we had our dinner buffet at Coffee Terrace.

This is the classic and posh looking exterior of the restaurants (with fellow bloggers' hand apparently)
Inside it looks very cosy as the arrangement of the stalls is similar to our food court.
You name it, we have it...
First stop, Sashimi and Sushi at the Japanese section..
Passing by the inviting desserts...
What have we got on our plates??

Penang Char Kway Teow

Assam Soup


Not Congee here..I forget what veg soup something along Asparagus
i roughly recall... Not bad oso
   Feeling giddy? After the food spam?? Scroll back to the second photo, this is a must try!! 
Penang Char Kway Teow..super nice and desserts - I prefer those not in the glass (like biscuit crust stuff)
After all these sinful food, we went for the Khalil Fong concert! (Doubt we can still move along with the music - too full)

Our Dim Sum Breakfast, the following morning...
Shredded Chicken Porridge with Century Egg
Steamed Siew Mai and Prawn Dumpling

Fried Carrot Cake
Steamed Bean Curd Skin Roll
Steamed Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce
Char Siew Pau
Cheong Fun with Char Siew
Deep Fried Yam Puff (Wu Kok)
 Look at the Yam Puff... Crispy on the outside but yet the meat in it is still juicy not dry!
Steam Loh Mai Kai
Still got some more dishes....
Assorted Dry Noodles

Seasonal Vegetables - I think is Kai Lan
Interestingly, we were given vegetables on our Dim sum - my guess is to help us balance our meal with a healthier dish? Had been lacking our intake of greens (see they even take care of our health! So nice of them right?)
Shall continue to introduce the climax of the Dim Sum we had, they are...
Steamed Golden San Pau
 People who frequent Dim Sum restaurants will not be a stranger to this dish. It is the Liu Sha Bao...
This is the close up of the bun when it is split open. Imagine biting it and the steaming hot salted egg york filling ooze out into your mouth...the rich flavour and aroma fills up very corner of your mouth and slowly it flows down your throat! WoooAhhhWaH!
Baked Egg Tart

This is a dish YOU MUST NOT MISSED!!The Egg tart is just sweet enough not overly sweet, the egg portion is smooth and melts in your mouth. The flaky pastry just have a sweet contrast to the smooth egg texture which makes this Egg Tart PERFECT! Thumbs Up!

We also had our cooling dessert,
Chilled Sweeten Sea Coconut with Aloe Vera
 And the man behind the Char Siew Pau, Wu Kok, Egg Tart is no other than Chef Gan. I took a photo with him and the Golden San Pau...
 Too bad the photo was quite blur can't really see his charming smile...Thanks for the nice Dim Sum!
After looking at all these fascinating and scrumptious foodie we had, want to know where you could get them??

First Day Dinner and Last Day Dim Sum - Genting Palace Restaurant 
2nd Floor, Maxims Genting
Dinner (Daily)
6pm - 9.30pm

Dim Sum is available during
Lunch (Daily)
12pm - 2.30pm
Breakfast (Sunday and PH)
9am -2.30pm.

Second Day Buffet Brunch - Resort Cafe 
1st Floor, Resort Hotel
Lunch (Daily)
11.00am - 2.30pm
Dinner (Daily)
5.00pm - 9.30pm

Second Day Buffet Dinner - Coffee Terrace
Lobby Level, Maxis Genting
Buffet Timings
Breakfast: 5.30am - 10.30am
Lunch: 12.00 noon - 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.00pm - 9.30pm

 For reservations, can visit RWG's website at this link:
I seriously think the last Dim Sum meal will keep us full for another 3 days. Was wondering if they are gonna roll us downhill after we ate all these food and could barely move (just kidding la)

Oh for those who are still hungry at night... Wanna quick bite? Must visit Marrybrown ...

The tower burger has the combination of the Mac's McChicken and KFC's Zinger Burger..It has a normal chicken patty and also the crispy patty! they even have chicken porridge and Mee Siam lol.. Cheers!!
Then for Kids Meal, they gave cute giveaways too like the one below:
For those who have sweet tooth, never miss our Baskin Robbins (although they have entered Singapore market) But I don't know how to describe to you the feeling - To eat ice-cream in a very cool weather and never to worry the ice cream will melt... Maybe the word is Shiok!
I-C-E C-R-E-A-M....
Isn't that exciting??
And spotted a cute clown cake there

For people who are more of a cake person, you might want to try the cakes at the cafe near the First World Hotel Lobby

The chocolate flavour is pretty thick and rich (Me and Jiejie bought them back to our hotel room to satisfy our sweet cravings)

Oh ya before I forget, they served something that we don't quite see in Singapore. Here it is proudly presents
 Chic Kut Teh! Not sure if it taste as nice as Bak Ku Teh??

It is unbelievable that I managed to find all the photos and put up my Foodie Post for the trip. I am so proud of myself. Give me the most dedicated + long winded blogger award lol!

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