I Need a new watch! ToyWatch be mine...

Eyes swollen and staying indoors for good. My day was practically black and white until I spot this
Photo credits FeverAvenue-Juliet Ong
For those out there who still have no idea what ToyWatch is. Let me give you some enlightenment...
It is an Italian designer watch company that produces luxury not to forget beautiful watches like the ones above! They have Rolex's perfection and funkiness of a Swatch - best of both worlds!!! Don't play play hor.. They have tons of famous clients include US First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. So who wants to be part of the trendy crowd?? *raise hand up high to the sky*
Choose me! I seriously need a new and cool watch!!
I am so gonna take part in this "Win a ToyWatch contest!"

You can visit their fb page to sign up! Contest open till 31 July only. Eh Those who are very rich and well to do don't squeeze and join the contest leh visit their stores or call them up at TOYWATCH VivoCity #01-K5 T:+65 62216851 & TOYWATCH ION Orchard #B1-14 +65 68846816. If I am not wrong this collection is retailing at $388!

Dreaming now ... Wearing my very own ToyWatch! Baby Blue or Baby Pink, Yellow also looks very nice *all so tempting* Oh by the way, this is not a sponsored ad or anything not so famous until people who sponsor or pay me to post blogpost (although I hope they will lah). Just an entry to up my chances of winning the watch! Muahahahaha!! *Perks of being a blogger (^-^)

Haiyo still pending my Genting trip post with Ladyironchef and cool Nuffnang Bloggers..on Food, Entertainment and Fun (._. ) *lazy mode*

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