Coffee with Poonie and Chingz! And last minute packing...

These are the ladies that I sacrificed my sleeping time for (instead of packing my bag earlier, I meet up with them to do some serious catch up!!)

Haha can make use of this opportunity to demonstrate my photo editing skills - cute hor? the border, apple and orange lol. Poonie is on the left and Chingz is on the right. Back then in Chung Cheng (sec school) days, we were great pals - we go school together, late together and hang out for alot too! Hasn't since Chingz got married we haven't seen her for like decades lol so Poonie organise the girl's night out to fill each other with missing pieces that we have missed out in each other's life. And of course, gossip abit here and there! =P

Look at Chingz's nails so cute...

Ah Pork suggested that I should stop using the Day 1, Day 2 thingy before my post. Hesitated to remove it cause it reminds me how diligently I have been updating my blog (I always do things then halfway give up - passionate in stuff only for 3 minutes) But well, here I am continuously blogging for over a month and blogging has now becoming a vital part of my life. It has brought some pretty amazing surprises in my boring life for example - 3D2N Genting Foodie Tour with Ladyironchef!! Still couldn't believe that I am going this trip really grateful for all these incredible stuff happening in my life :)

Due to the fact that I secretly blog, none of my friends know about it. And were pretty shocked when I was going around asking if they were interested to go on the Genting trip with me. And everyone gave comments like" Wah! you are a blogger?' or "Celebrity blogger ah still go tour with Ladyironchef" . Their initial reactions were quite funny lol. Time passes really fast! Tomorrow I am going Genting with other Nuffnang bloggers and I HAVEN'T PACK MY LUGGAGE!!(Although everyone just gave me a one kind look when I told them I haven't pack my bag - their replies were almost the same "what's there to pack? Genting only" Then I told them I need to pack toiletries la, warm and comfy clothes + red bra for casino, my laptop, charger, my retainers and also think of what to wear  (got a image to uphold ma "walk in got wind"- Blogger from Sunny island, lol just kidding la hahaha) But still can't be wearing dirty and tatty clothes right? Only manage to pack my stuff 4 hours before I head down to Golden Mile for the coach.

Pardon my messy luggage
Looking forward to the trip! Yay!

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