Day 50 - Life Full of Uncertainty!

All planned and ready to be the next Changi Millionaire! Loh Ah Pork accompanied me to T3 to play the game. Still no luck with the instant prize but hoping I can get the 1 million with my 15 chances in the draw!!
What I will do if I win 1 million dollars?? To be exact, I will most likely be left with $800K after tax.

1. Pay for my house so I don't have to pay 200K interest (Ah Pork also won't keep nagging and giving some so called risk analysis that totally dampen and discourage people like me to have a little house of my own.)

This is so damn important cause ever since we decide to apply for a flat he have been all pessimistic saying we can't support la, later we lose our deposit and now go all hysterical and give me some random blog links that shows people have their deposit forfeited by HDB etc
And I can't help but told him straight in the face but he might be hurt I guess because I told him that I am the one facing the BIGGEST RISK?
- Ah Pork has a lot of Nos - no money, no job, no first class honours, no driving license etc
- I am preparing to throw money in to buy a house with someone that has nothing with him
- I want to marry this guy that keeps telling me he is afraid he can't find a job after graduating, can't pay for
  housing loan and has tons of no and can't
- He isn't as good looking as he and Andy (Uni friend that once randomly comment Ah Pork looks good which he innocently and happily believed) claims.

Despite all this risks that I have come up with - given the fact that my future with Ah Pork is still bleak and that I know right now he can't give me much and not sure what is in store for us in near future. Everything being so uncertain but I still chose to take this risk - Why? Because even though he has so many no but there is 1 thing I know for certain - is a Big Fat Yes that he loves me! No matter what happens, Ah Pork we have each other. Keep worrying does not solve all tIhe problems, sometimes things just happen and it is not within our control. I told you before if we don't have enough money at most I go get the Crane Operator license and earn 5K a month lol! There is a chinese saying " When there is a will, there is a way!" Be confident in our decision and move forward...There are always things you can worry about.

2. Give my  family members a portion of the money so I can repay them for providing the best environment be it material wise or heart wise (love and concern).

3. Finish up my nail course at Pink Room and open my very own nail shop , be a successful entrepreneur and quit my not so lively job!

4. Donate to charity- to be able to contribute back to the society and helped ones in need. It is always an amazing and happy thing to be able to help others. Be able to bring a smile and knowing that you will make a positive change in peoples' life is an uplifting and lovely thing to do!

5. Do investment with the rest of the money so I make the best out of the winnings and make more $$.

See life is full of uncertainty because I do not know if I will really become a Changi Millionaire by just pressing the game machine and dropping the receipt in the box which is totally an absurd idea if you ask Mr Loh and this will be his face-

And the next thing he will be saying is

 While heading toward Carls' Junior, we saw this station for tourist where you could get bring a free souvenir back home.

All you need to do is to shade over these templates, here are some of the templates we used...

Our masterpieces...
Ah Pork's
 I have to admit this time round Ah Pork did a better job than me and he gets to pose with his masterpiece! hmph!
Pigging out at Carl's Junior
 And my bill was $33.10!!! Never had I ate any fast food that has bill summed up to that amount.We are really pigs!!
 Ah Pork's disgusting new wallpaper on his hp!! He claims it's Art...
New top that I am going to wear to Khalil Fong's concert @ Genting!! Counting down 3 more days to Genting Trip!!

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