Day 41 - A Bad News and A Good News

On 1 July 2012, Ms Rita Zahara was stopping over a petrol station in Johor Bahru, only to find that her younger sister, two children and maid was missing together with her white Nissan Sunny. It is reported that an armed man had kidnapped Ms Zahara's family member and had requested for a ransom for the release of her loved ones. After several hours, the family was released unharmed.

This is very shocking to Singaporeans in general, I believed. Due to the fact that we rarely hear about kidnap cases in our country. A kidnapping act which under the law means designate abduction, wrongful restraint or wrongful confinement for ransom is considered a capital offences. According to our country's Penal Code, kidnapping may result in a death penalty. Singapore owed its safe and security to these harsh punishment and strict laws. Although we may feel that capital sentence is cruel and inhumane at times, but this has proven its effectiveness so far as it is concern. 

Singaporeans may be shocked as well as we Singaporeans love to visit our neighbouring countries especially Malaysia's Johor Bahru (JB) as we are only a bridge away. The food is fantastic, things are relatively cheaper as compared to Singapore due to currency differences. Guess as wherever we go, we just have to be more vigilant and avoid isolated and secluded areas. Wonder why recently we have all the bad news?? Haiz....   

Oh wait! Just before I forgot, Singaporeans we do have a good news. Extra pocket money from MOF
(Ministry of Finance). I just received a letter from MOF announcing Cash given out as well as Household Savings as part of the Budget 2012's effort.

Portion of the household utilities bill will be absorbed by our Government and also on 1 August we will all find ourselves $250* richer! *Amount received will depend on the income level of the household. If you are too rich, you might not receive any money since the purpose of this is to help lower and middle income households. Just happen I fall under the latter.
 ' It's all about the money money money, we just need your money money money!'    

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