Day 48 - Not So Unlucky Monday

New discovery! Whenever I missed the company bus at Tanah Merah then my first thought will be to cab down to work which will cost me around $15. I was on the train and my intuition just told me that I am going to miss the bus since I am still at Kallang at around 7.30am. Feeling despair and dejected (knowing that in this rate, I will never be able to save up for my HDB option fee and my future house), just when I looked up, I saw a colleague from another department - he helps us whenever we have system issue and computer woes. So out of curiosity and also *hoping someone can share cab with me to save $$*, I asked him if he is on the same train with me wouldn't he be late to catch the bus. Then he said no. I was like really??

Well, he introduce me to this Woodlands Transport that is privately operated that goes to Alps. I knew about the bus service but didn't know they do pick up people at Tanah Merah. The bus fare is 90 cents compared to my $15 plus - I saved a freaking $14 bucks (which was eventually spent on Da Paolo's Tiramisu haha..) But still I am happy I know this service now then I can save more future $14 to come (only if I miss the bus which I hope I will not miss it too often).

Other than the computer system not working very well after upgrading (as usual), didn't have too much ad hoc so it was a peacefully happy day :)

Mr Loh Ah Pork accompanied me to Serangoon Gardens to buy the birthday cake for mummy. My first choice was Cedele which I called up the Raffles City branch didn't have what I want so head down to Serangoon Gardens to see if Da Paolo or Baker's Inn have anything nice in store. Disappointed - nothing I fancy and then I spotted a bright orange Cedele store opposite. Ran in and rush to the cake display - and lucky me found the exact flavour that I am looking for - Red Velvet (the one with the beetroot). Another surprise for me was the cakes are having 20% off!! The usual cake would cost me $43 plus and I bought the cake I want at $35!! Save $8 (which was the cab fare I take to Serangoon Gardens, I just realised)

Well, I will try harder to save money - Mr Loh  had been nagging this ever since the day he know me -ask me to kill the spending monster in me. And he commented that my grammar sucks after reading my blog post.. (._. )
Sorry people out there who reads my blog, I hope you understand what I have written and hope it will not worsen your English..

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