My Occasional Part-time Job - Hairstylist and House Mover!

Ah Pork is moving back to his ULU PULAU NTU! *Sob* this would mean we will have less time to spend together... ( ._. )
For the new school term, our dear Mr Loh aka ah Pork wants a new hairstyle for his new term and went for a haircut opposite his house - Kelly's Hairdressing @ Serangoon North Ave 1. The male hairstylists there have quite nice and stylo hair, the one that help Ah Pork trim his hair very good looking..kekeke...
Here's Ah Pork's new look
Front View
Side View
We both agreed that the hair lacks colour due to his super jet black hair. I have volunteered to help him colour his hair...
This is the results..Erm the hair colour was not what I have expected but the colour is even and still ok lah! The cost is $11 for the hair dye the hair service is $0.
I have also style Ah Pork's hair as well

Hey! I think I did a better job than the hairstylist!! I am so proud of myself!
My baby is my hero so he will be in my very own edition of Time...muahahaha photo editing apps are so fun...
Instead of WE  change the world (so tempted to change to HE Change my world) haha he ask me to slim down the face abit and I did muahahaha Ah Pork is so hiao* nowadays (*vain)

Oh ya and the not so glamourous part-time job of mine - House Mover..
This semester his shared room with his roomie aka God of Study is on the fourth floor!!
OMG! And we moved the luggage, table and chair up to 4th floor not including the long flight of stairs near Block 42!!! And after we had dinner at Jurong Point, we carried the mattress all the way back to the room again! I think I have reached my whole year quota of climbing stairs and exercise (it left both of us panting and dead tired)

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