Prata Kakis Meetup!

TGIF!! Love Fridays to bits. After a week of battling at work, it is the day that everyone look forward to and in the best mood as well. Phew! I am done with my meeting presentation! WooHoo~! I like to move it move it you like to move it!! After work, it's party time!!
dj cat
Meet up with two of my RMIT classmates -  Sonia and Chu May (now known as
Well we have created a group chat to discuss about our prata outing -so we are currently known as Prata Kakis. Oh we had a whole lot of pratas ~ scared the hell out of the China waiter cause I think we ordered a bit too much for 3 person.
Instead of Prata Kakis maybe we should be called Prata Monsters. Look! This is our dinner:

This is only the beginning....

We still have this waiting for us!

Bill Please.. $18.60 for pratas!!!

Well, after our carbo overloaded to the max dinner,  we walked around to digest a bit and was thinking the next stop where should we go - desserts?? In the end, Kaylene and I decided on going to play Kinect so we make a reservation at Playnation @ Scape. The bus ride to Orchard from Upper Thomson was faster than we expected it to be.
Picture credits to Sglinks

Here's where all the fun started!
We played a couple of games:

We started with the game that made us look pretty retarded and stupid especially when the place has an open concept and people are walking past you while you were jumping up and down to slap as many rabbids as possible or trying to clean up the floor by sweeping our feet around.

But I love playing the dancing games -  can show off my dance moves ma lol!!
Picture credits to 8bitfix

Got quite a few nice songs to dance along!!
Like some LadyGaga, Bruno Mars and Usher.

We are planning to go again!! And I think we burnt at least half the calories we ate in *fingers crossed*

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