I am so lucky!!

Lucky girl me was running through my emails on phone and saw this sweetest direct message tweet!
I won a pair of tickets to watch the new animated movie- Paranorman!! Will share with you my reviews on this film after I watched it so stay tuned!!
I got to know about this movie while working part-time in the library as a form of promotion, NLB is giving out the Paranorman stickers if you borrowed 6 items and present your receipt during the promotional period and if you only borrow 4 items you can get the bookmark!
Picture credits to Geylang East Public Library

I love to watch animated movies or what people called cartoons. I was learn something after watching these films. So excited about it!!! Big Big Thank You to Nuffnang for organising such awesome giveaways!

I have many things I need to do over the weekend:
1. Go Natas Fair and compare prices like Aunties
2. Work
3. Meetups with Uni friends and Genting buddies!
4. Watch Paranorman (liked)
5. Pack my room
6. Finish reading "The Secret" and put it to practice.

Only halfway done with the book, but I think it is working- for instance, this morning I took a cab to Bedok to chase after my company bus. The kuku driver send me to the wrong place, he dropped me at a hawker centre that was not the one nearer to the company bus pickup point. In my mind, I visualise that I reached the pickup area and the bus came when I reached. I was initially abit scare as my watch is already 7.47am which is 2 minutes late, but amazingly, I managed to find my way and reached the designated pickup point and just like what I have visualised I managed to board the bus. The scene was at least 95% identical to the one I have visualised earlier!!
 I am so going to challenge what people deemed as impossible, recently I keep telling Ah Pork, I am growing taller at mid twenties lol. They think I am crazy but I really did grown taller by 1cm before even reading this book. I am going to change my life with this powerful book!!

Tomorrow is the department meeting that I don't really look forward to. I am going to do a presentation ~ I am going to test out the laws of attraction once again by thinking I am a very good public speaker to see how it goes tomorrow! Hahaha wish me luck or rather wish me abundance (greedy haha abundance sounds like every aspect of life is included).

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