Bonding Time with Aunty Shirley!

People who have followed my blog would know who Aunty Shirley is, so I am not going to introduce her further. Was famished and truly believed that there is no dinner for me to eat at home, so I jio (invite) Aunty Shirley out for dinner at Serangoon Nex. Took a while to find her, cause I don't know why when we decide to meet up, either one of our handphones will have new stunt, go on riot (go haywire) or too hungry (no batt). Very irritating Argh..
Had Pontian Wanton Noodles for dinner and chit chat over coffee. I updated her with the Gangnam Style and Despicable Me Video.
Unlike normal days, we did not patronise Starbucks after meal, but went to Teadot instead.
Why go Teadot?
  1. Less crowd - got seats no need to aim others' seats
  2. More cosy
  3. No need self service -no need queue and wait for drinks, friendly staff will serve you!
  4. Decent drinks
  5. Got Promotion*

We bought cakes to go with our drinks (Promotion here is that if you buy cakes they will upsize your beverage for FREE!!
Beary Cute Latte and

my boring looking but made with real tea leaves and ingredients - Osmanthus Tea Freeze...


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