Seventh Month + Long Weekend

Backdated post on how I spend my long weekend,
Surfing the net - update myself with the job market, went for Pedicure and bought new earrings.
Well to celebrate welcome our friends from another dimension (Seventh Month), I got my nails coloured in green [Personally, I think green colour gives a more creepy feeling]
And to add on the mood, I bought some interesting earrings from Diva that somehow fits a bit into this special month theme.

Haha...actually realised is only the skull , cross and bull's head that is closer to the theme.
Oh nearly forgot about my Belly Studs

Yes! I have a belly peircing sometimes I also wonder myself, why did I peirce my belly when it cannot meet the public- always hidden beneath my clothes not confortable of flashing my fatty belly lol

For those who know nuts about Seventh Month:
Seventh Month falls on the seventh month on Chinese Lunar Calender. Chinese believed that this is the month where the gates of hell are open and it is kinda of like a summer vacation for the dead. It is also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival. Well, Chinese would refer Ghost here as good buddies/ brother.
Offerings such as joss sticks, paper money and food is offered to the spirits that are believed to wander and roam around the streets in this particular month. Common advice from the older generation will be for us  to go home early and also not to anyhow pick up stuff on the road, mind our words and also not to step on offerings. I think it is like practising mutual respect since it is believed that we are now sharing the same space.

Monday's gone and we started work on Tuesday. Everyone is still in their holiday mood and probably that is why I found this in my breakfast bought from my company's canteen.

I don't know what is this doing in my Bee Hoon but it is certified disgusting. It looks like a plastic material kind of object. Canteen Aunty trying to murder me??
Luckily, I had a satisfying lunch to comfort my distasteful breakfast...

Seafood Lasagne! The smell of cheese...I love cheese...I am floating between clouds....

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