You know Gangnam Style?

Everyone, if you have not heard "Gangnam Style" read this post or you are gonna be a laggard...But, I bet most of you have heard of it and know what is it about from news, facebook or from friends.
What is this Gangnam Style about? It starts with South Korean singer PSY's comeback single - Gangnam Style. It went viral and had topped the charts ever since.
What so special about PSY (pronounced as Sai not that sai but yes Sai1) and his Gangnam Style? This is how it started...
Although most of us don't understand the lyrics, the catchy tune and very unique horse riding dance had made it so big that it is on CNN news.
More shows airing Gangnam style. I start to wonder if this is the Asian pride lol...
And we have parody like the Singaporean Style
I think it has become a guilty pleasure of many due to it's particularly entertaining video and interesting dance.
I am not a fan of it to be honest, well but we can't miss this big hit right? Even heard Justin Bieber is considering a collaboration?

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