A Happy Refugee - Day Two

I bought a stainless steel bangle for myself the other day and was thinking of engraving meaningful quotes that mean a lot to me on it. I bought the bangle at $42 in an accessories shop called Silver Corner at Bugis Junction. I made an enquiry on their engraving services - a word is $5 each if I never remember wrongly.
I am dumb folded..Cause I did not intend to engrave some cheesy couple initials or even my own name, given that my quote has like around 12 words, it will cost me $60 which is more than the price of the bangle like WTH. So I have been searching high and low for a place that has a reasonable price for it. And guess where I found it? Hougang Mall - the place where my part-time job is located at. Initially, I went to this more hip shop called Blackoutz located on Level 3 which apparently target audience is like teenagers which I suspect would have engraving service, true enough there was but they said that the shape of the bangle can't fit their machine (they charged $5 for the first word and subsequently $0.50/ letter = $24) But too bad, they couldn't do it for me.

Then I went to this accessories shop with quite an interesting name (Dong Xi Nan Pei) located on Level 2 next to Dessert Story and very near Harvey Norman. It sells mainly 925 silver accessories and have a whole long list of accessories services such as cleaning and polishing accessories, fixing accessories, customisation of crystal and precious stones jewellery. And I saw engraving!! Yay... And the shop quoted me $28 and without hesitation I said YES!!

Here's my bangle with the engraved words on the inner area... I did not choose any font, but the final product was just like what I imagine it to be. It was perfect!! The most amazing thing is that it is hand crafted it is engraved by hand, no templates or stencils!!!

The quote I had was " Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around"- Henry David Thoreau.
To me, I feel that it is important to hold onto one's beliefs and values, these are what make people who they are and how are unique in a sense. By doing so, one can make a great difference in life or the world around you. In life, there are always situations that may pressurize you to make decisions that are against what you believe in and having to follow your heart and do what you want to and deem as right will prevent you from having things to regret for not doing or did.
It is also how I live my daily life and I hope by carrying it with me all the time, it will remind me to make just decisions in life. As I always believe that "Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice"- William Jennings Bryan.

I am proud to say I did what I wanted to do in office after my attachment with the SP - I had feedback on the workng conditions of the SP of my company to my big boss - some badly maintained driver seats and trolley after the sharing session of our company's policy book reading. And just happen that the reading chosen was on open door policy which means that you could voice out on what you feel there is a need to change, conflict or unhappiness to any of the people in a higher hierarchy. And I took this opportunity to talk to my big boss - Director of Marketing about it even though it was not really of a concern that is related to my job scope. Really hope what I did could help my fellow colleagues from other business units. 

And another mission accomplished would be Ah Pork and I finally went to watch Brave.
Story about legend, courage and family bonds. Princess Merida who wishes to live a free life was tied down by DunBroch tradition to marry one of the Lord's son. She is out to change her destiny with a cost to pay, which had endangered her family. However, she is determined to fix it. Can she really change her destiny and fate and mend what she had broken? This is a great animated movie not to be missed. It show us that every decision comes with consequences and sometimes it is not always what we expect it to be. Family bonds are stronger and harder to break if only members of the family would listen each other out and clear any misunderstanding. Every parent love their child dearly and is always there for them, to repay their love, we could only stand by them, love them and protect them whenever we could.
A touching story that makes you think twice about your relationship with your parents and family. Remind you the importance of a strong and loving family.

Ah Pork and I had our sweet treat for the day at Saybons.
Saybons the French Food Factory. I am there for my crepes! Yay, other than crepes they have pretty decent soup - e.g Wild Mushroom, Potato and Leek and Broccoli and Cheddar. They now served escargots (yes, snails) but I have yet to try.
Interesting facts about the soup here...Took the picture while waiting for my crepes.
Clean and simple with a pinch of French flavour decor. Their first outlet was in Plaza Singapura it started as a takeaway store and slowly expanded to have sitting area and now new outlets.
My piping hot Nutty Nutella Crepes!
Ah Pork and his Banana...Banana and Chocolate Crepes!
I think if the spread inside the crepes is more generous, it will taste even better! Hmm...prefer the Plaza Singapura outlet (>-<)

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