Movie Date with Ah Pork - Ted

I just don't know why Ah Pork doesn't trust me with my choice of movies. Well, I would ask him to watch the movie, he would decline. It will only be after his friend watch the movie recommended it then he will agreed to watch the movie. Hey! I am the Movie Guru! Haha!
We went to watch Ted! Yes the cute looking but foul mouth faithful furry friend!
Under the cute outlook, hides a bear that
Smoke Pot, Drink Beer, Vulgar and Sexually Active. Hahaha totally not a suitable company for kids.
After watching this movie, Thunder Buddies Theme Song was the song for Ah Pork. It is his ring tone!
Just in case you guys do not know how it sounds...
Pretty funny!
It is time for the what have we learnt after movie time:
1. We all should be responsible for the choices we made in life, even if they are bad choices and comes with bad consequences.
2.Never push blame to others on your own mistakes
3. Nothing is better than a good old faithful friend
4. It is always the best difficult thing to balance love and friendship
5. Always believe in miracles?

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