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Peeps, Miss Popular Blogger Girl here has only 7 minutes left to blog about her exciting and adrenaline pumping visit on the reopening of the revamped Safra Toa Payoh!!

I have got myself and my accompany pre-registered to join the Children's Art & Craft (although we are abit of overage but we are young at heart we truly are) But I didn't get to join the class for the dream catcher making cause the response was over overwhelm and when I reached the venue there are no more slots :(
But it's fine we got to walk around the new stunning building and checked out some cool places there and not to forget to collect my special goodie bag.

I think it might be a social stigma or something that people do think that bloggers got to be hot and gorgeous, probably pretty, I think when I went to collect my goodie bag, people are like "Oh, you are a blogger?" Well clearly I do not belong to the very popular overly commercialized kind of blogger. I am more like I speak what's on my mind and speak of the truth.

So I going to show off a bit with my goodie bag, it is really nice for the organizer to issue a bag to me cause they are for Safra members and clearly I am no macho NSman lol!

Bright Red Bag of Surprises!
Have lots of fun activities in store for you and your family. I have got sports gear vouchers that have nearly pushed me to get my butt up and move it!

What is Safra without some sporty action?
 They have got a really cool pool, even I feel like floating on the water and have my cocktail by the pool.
Before you think I am bluffing you about the coolness of this pools...Look again down there!
SEE!! you can see people swimming in it. You can wave to you friends while swimming pass the glass panels!!

For all gym buddies out there,
EnergyOne will be a good hangout place for you...
Brand new facilities and equipments (Level 1 - Strength Training)
(Level 2 - Cardio Playground)
Pigs on the treadmill....lol
What can be more satisfying after a long workout than a sumptuous meal? So we went around hunting for food (although we didn't walk on the treadmill for more than 5 mins haha...)
On Level 1, we have discovered there are Restaurant Hoshigaoka (Jap Restaurant), Kkongdon Korean B.B.Q Restaurant,
Aston Specialities,
Toast Box,
The Golden Arches (and they have a Mac Drive Thru here)
New Zealand Natural
Despite the common impression that they only serve sorbets and ice-cream, they do have snacks.
We have ours there,
We have our sandwiches and ice-creams!!
On Level 3,
Tim Palace
And Beer Alley which is within SuperBowl, Bowling Alley (Oops sorry didn't managed to get a good shot only got a photo of a gentleman taking his food from the buffet line for the shop's opening lol)
Talking about SuperBowl, here it is...

Of course, if you want to show off your culinary and B.B.Q skills you can spend your time with your loved ones near the poolside, you can rent a B.B.Q pit.
Other activities? There's Billard Room, Karaoke, Squash, Dance Studio, 
Adult Gaming Room - Winner's Circle (Slotmania) and even Fencing.
There are fun stuff of adults how can we leave out the kids??? Kids watch out!

We have Kidz Amaze on Level 1
On the same level, we have kid's enrichment centre like NutureStars.
On Level 2, we have another enrichment centre called One Learning Space,
We have Gymnademics , it looks like a mini gym for kids....
Guess who we spotted??
While taking photo of the mini piano at the entrance of Medley Music School, we spotted the next possible
"Wang Lee Hom"! hahaha
And I found a perfect piano that SCREAMS ME here too...See
Very suited for the diva lol.. I can imagine putting it on top of the furry leopard print piece of fur.
Although I missed the dreamcatcher class, I managed to go for the fridge magnet making class.
Yes we are surrounded by Kids, we are the big babies...
Look at our masterpieces
And we posed with our art pieces and took a photo to take part in Snap(opgraphy).
.There were other fun activities that we missed, like the Zorball Challenge...
Zorball = People walking- in-a-giant ball thingy...
There are performance as well by Escape Artist.
And a contest filled with cute babies...
Baby Crawling Contest.
And Guys if you have not sign up for your Safra Membership or you will miss out all the fun.
Look @-@ at the crowd queuing to sign up or renew their membership!!
Don't lose out haha... Well now I have a new place to hangout that is near my area..Happy and Lucky Me!

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