A Official Teaser Post on Korea, Bangkok and Taiwan!!

Hey Guys,

I am terribly sorry that I totally went non existence for a few months. That had been alot going on in my life, some are good, some are bad. And I have not shared them to all of you as yet. Difficult choices that I have made in life. some are totally unexpectably crazy (while craziness is part of me, my close friends will definitely all agree to it)

I hope to share the "Good" in my life with all of you first before shocking all of you with the "Bad"...Hoho
Good news is that I travelled abit in the first half of the year to destinations that are most loved by Singaporeans in general - Korea, Bangkok and Taiwan!!

These 3 countries, scenery is nice, food is amazing and the lovely bunch of people. *crying while boarding the plane back* (-__ -...)

Show all of you some of the pictures I took...
Scenery Peaceful Jeju (Korea)
Hahaha I quite artistic hor??!!
Pantip Plaza BKK
Look like Sim Lim Square Right? This is the Sim Lim Square in Thailand!!

Back to the artsy side of me...
合歡山 at Taichung
Breathtaking scenery taken with the sacrifice of my beauty sleep!!

Can't wait to show you more cool stuff I bought and cool pictures I took during the trips....Stay tuned!!

I promise all of you I will post them up before end of July...hehehe

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