Minions Invasion In Singapore!!!

Who do not adore those yellow cuteness in the blue jumpsuit?? Recap on how cute they are??
They have invade Singapore and melt the hearts of Singaporeans!! I personally love them to bits!!!
How did they start their World Domination?

 They started singing...
They played games...
They flew in the air...
They taught people movie etiquette

They are on the Biggest Loser!!!
Took a picture with one of them recently at The Cathay!!
Lucky me, I was able to be on time to queue and get the free Minion Premiums given out by Cathay Lifestyle and United International Pictures. Based on your own luck, you have to pick an envelope and see what you got. There are badges, stress ball and not sure if it is stickers or magnets...hohoho anyways I got the stress ball I want lol!!
So cute right?

More news updates on the Minions soon!!

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