Hello Batam!

What are your thoughts of Batam? I have never been to this place so it's my virgin trip there. Many Singaporeans are very familiar with this place. Heard from friends that is a place for cheap food, massage and probably for keeping a mistress (not saying any of my friends have lol)

Before giving some introduction on Batam and our resort. Gotta introduce the lovely ladies together with me on this trip.

You might be wondering why that pouty face? Well it was a series of drama before we could successful board our ferry. Our first ferry is supposed to be 12pm well we arrived 5 mins late and the gate had closed and we missed our first ferry. The next ferry was 2.20pm and we thought may have some time to travel out to eat and board our next ferry. We went out and we were erm LATE again and the same thing happened the gate was closed but luckily one of immigration officer remember our stupid faces (the crazy girls that was late just now)  and let us go board the ferry. We ran through the immigration and all the way to the ferry. Quite a workout for me to have to hold on to my super loose denim shorts and run like crazy. This is the photo of us (from left: Lianny, Fenny, Me and Su)
with our nearly missed ferry twice face!
I have never been a beach kind of girl. I love the hovering lights, towering buildings in the city. Was wondering if it will be a boring trip for me in the beginning but wow the moment I step foot on the resort me and the girls will be staying, it kinda of blow me us away!

It is not some shady, rundown, spooky place that one would imagine. This is truly a resort for relaxation,a place to put away all that troubles. Well, I guess you get what you pay for that is, we paid a total of $560 for 1 night stay but it was definitely worth it.

This is Montigo Resort at Nongsa. 

How to get there?
Land transfer is provided by the resort, journey from the ferry terminal (Nongsa) to resort is only around 10mins ride.

How did they surprised us?
Once we arrived, we were handed with lemongrass infused towel and a welcome drink which I suspect is Teh Botol (Indonesian version of our Teh-O Bing) which is delicious!

We were ushered to waiting area in the lobby for our keys , we waited around 8 to 10 mins and we were allocated to our own villa, Villa No 1. A short orientation of the whole resort and where are the location of the amenities were given to us via a map in the lobby.

 We were then given a personalized buggy driver and buggy which take us to our home for the weekend.
Us on Our Buggy

Our Buggy
 Our Villa
 Don't be fooled by the photos, our villa was huge!! (3 storeys high with lots of cool stuff)

Getting in

Main Entrance towards Living Room

Living Room
 We had Wi-fi which is god damn important, Sitting area, Tv, Wii, Basin, Induction Cooker, Fridge, Microwave and lots of free beverages!! The one thing that really impresses me was this....
It is the Bang and Olufsen Beosound 8 Speaker System!!
Too bad none of us brought any ipad or ipod cause it didn't fit iPhone 5 or 5s or else it would be blasting the hits we loved at night!

We had a complementary bowl filled with fruits. So sweet of them!

Personal Infinity Pool
Pushing open the sliding doors at our living room is our patio. There with our outdoor dining table and our very own infinity pool.

Up to our bedrooms!

This is Fenny and Lianny 's Super Big Bedroom

With their very own sitting area to watch tv and a huge bed and the unique canopy bedframe.

Skies above
Another highlight will be this bathroom that I think is even bigger than my bedroom back at home. The bathtub let you get closer to nature, you may ask how...soaking in the tub you get view of the blue skies and fluffy white clouds right above you.

Su and My room
Cosy room with Mint Colour Pillow
We have a total of 3 bathrooms which is a blessing with four girls around, ample place for us to doll up! On the rooftop, there is still space and available seats for us to chill under the stars.

We have very limited time so after dropping our stuff we head straight for our long awaited A&W meal and rewarding massage.
Our curly fries and rootbeer float

Finally got our photo with A&W bear after Fenny dropped her phone twice in attempt to use the selfie stick!
Did some grocery shopping after the massage at Eska -wellness at Nagoya Hill. Guess what did I buy?
First time in my life I bought so much packet tissue and sanitary pad! 
For Girls, highly recommended to buy pantyliners and sanitary pads there. The Laurier Wings Night 35cm Sanitary Pad 6 pieces would have cost me around $2 plus going $3 it is only 8,350 rupiah ($0.93) @_@ So cheap sia!!

We also bought our dinner from  the H Hypermart which is our Sedap Mee Soto, Bee Makso and Mee Goreng Cup Noodles!!

Remember the bowl of fruits given by the resort? My hidden fruit cutting skills unlocked!

From this
Me and my cut fruits
To this

Cheers to Wisdom, Beauty and Incredibly Good Life!
Beer Ladies
The funny story behind this was that Fenny and Lianny bought the set of bikinis at Bangkok for just $10 and just after they put them on , I realised the colour combination looks striking familiar just like the Tiger Beer promoter girls uniform. Thus they are the beer ladies for the night!

Not risking to ruin all readers' eyes,  not going to put on bikinis lol!

Day 2

Sadly, Lianny had to go back earlier for her company's F1 related project, so we took our last minute photo in our bathtub! Me, Su and Fenny proceeded to take our complimentary international breakfast buffet.

Round 1 - My Very English Breakfast

Round 2 - Porridge
Round 3- Fruits and Cereal
After Breakfast, we took a stroll down near the beach.
Beautiful path that brings you nearer to the sea...(unfortunately it's under maintenance)
I had this crazy idea to attempt to film our own version of You and I by One Direction using the genius mei pai app. Cause we can do the face changing thingy if we can walk on the path.. Too bad next time i guess.

Just in case, you are wondering how the actual music video looks like..

Other candid shots
Me and the Tiny Blue House

Fenny's Yoga Pose
Crazy Jumpshots Alert!!

Our beautiful legs!
Su's beauty shot

I don't think I am looking at the camera
Mr Pork (my dear boyfriend) I risked my life for you and brought back the Gudang Garam Cigarette (less than $2). Sshhh not supposed to tell others!! I don't want to get caught!

Last but not least, a beautiful collage done up by Su!

It was really fun to have a girls' trip like this, looking forward to my next all girl's trip to Korea in another 8 days time!

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