Day 4 - MIA from work

Plan Failed. Intended to go work earlier today and make my lovely breakfast for Mr Loh but this didn't happen. In the end, took an MC for partial "migraine and fever" and " I am too lazy to go work syndrome". Well, I didn't want to disappoint Mr Loh as I have promised to cook a meal for him.

After seeing the doctor I went to buy some ingredients to cook up a simple meal for Mr Loh with the miserable amount of money I have left in the wallet. Here's his dinner today:
1. Steamed Egg with Dried Shrimp
2. Enoki Mushroom wrapped in Bacon
3. Stir Fry Nai Bai with Dried Shrimp

I think I accidentally burned the frying pan while grilling the bacon. Hope his mom and dad didn't find out *fingers crossed*. Thinking of all the stuff piled up at work, oh my. Think I would still need to go work earlier tomorrow need to catch the 6.30am Bedok company bus and go to work the same time as the cleaner aunty.

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