Day 28 - Backdated Post of My Food Indulgences

The initial plan was to go eat half-price Gelare with Wei Ting and Sok, we are going to brainstorm for a sub-group name for ourselves since the 3 of us always have desserts together. I have come up with Sweet Tooth Guru or Dessert 臭皮匠 haha I think I am kinda of creative. In the end, Wei Ting can't make it
(reason - flu), Sok (reason - PMS) only got to know it after I was on my way to Suntec. So, have asked my aunty to bring forward our meeting from Thursday to today plus I have to go down to her place to install a chinese software.

When the scary monster go out with her aunty it is Food Attack Time!! We went to Food Centre in Chinatown for some delicious porridge...

We ordered extra fried pig intestine and the owner gave us free fried fish skin . My aunty prefer the fish skin while I like the pig intestine..Battle between Fish Skin and Pig Intestine!! Followed by Dim Sum

Look at the Menu - Har Mai  虾卖 never see this on other Dim Sum place before. I think it is the children of Har Gow虾饺and Siew Mai 烧卖...hahahaha And it is not cheap it caused $4.20...

The Dim Sum was so-so but the service was Bad!! :(
After this we went for a walk at Ang Siang Hill where all the chill out places are. The ambience there just feel like a Friday night. Found a LoMo shop at the foot of the hill.

It has a Big camera in the shop, but too bad it was close when we were there, will visit the shop one of these days.
Opps! Forgot to mention other characters in my Food Indulgences Day

Big Breakfast at work

Yummy Popiah at Lunch! This it really quite nice. Random Discovery at Pasir Ris Drive 6- KP Coffeeshop, they have very nice Chicken Floss Noodles too!! 
Don't know what the proper English name for the noodles but  in chinese is 鸡丝面.

Plus my friend intro me to this 
sold at Carl's Junior.. Woohooo I will try it one next time :)

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