Day 31 - USS trip for the 2nd time!!

Weee! No work today and no Ad Hocs!!! Yay I am going to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) although it is the 2nd time ever since it opened. It is really quite funny when I entered the entrance and staff just asked me where do I come from and my awkward answer was Singapore lol

Well but this time round I tried new rounds and food plus have tons of fun with some of my childhood friends. Please pardon the my photo spamming but still have a lot of  pictures taken using my friends' camera.

I always think I resembled Pharaoh plus my eyeliner and jutting chin that looks like the thing/accessorial (don't know what is it called) he always wear over the chin... together in the picture are Cheryl- the Smiling King, Clifford - the Little Fire Fighter and Eugene- the Serious Wizard.
Happened that when we were there Elmo and Friends are having a street performance.
The most anticipated ride - The Transformer Ride!!
The ride was quite cool, it is a 4-D indoor ride and has very detailed interior design that follows the story lne.

And I took photos of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime too!
It was Lunchtime!! 
Crispy Drumlets and Cheese Sticks
Pumpkin Soup
Mega Hawaiian Pizza

Look at these hungry faces - Clifford, Clement and Candy (Cheryl's younger sister). Can't really blame them we waited for the pizza for more than 45 mins and people who came after us got their pizza. And the staff just asked us to go back to wait for the token to blink and we insist the person check the token and indeed the token no. 13 was FAULTY!!! Number 13 is really not very lucky! Arghhhh..........

After that we went to Far Far Away to visit my castle
We took the Shrek ride and on the way saw Jastin, Ah Pork's buddy since Secondary near there. I think the Shrek ride is really nice.  
Shrek and her princess!! Cheryl have changed quite a bit while she lost a lof of weight and now blossomed to a beautiful fine lady. Slimming down really changes a person.
Alright I shall stop feeling jealous (._.)
We bought some Giant Turkey Leg!!
Me and My lovely small aunty (Aunty Beatrice - My Daddy's sister) She really dotes on me! Since young, she have been bringing me overseas, giving me pocket money and paid for my phone bills even till now. Stop! I know what you are thinking! Work already still ask Aunty to pay for my phone bills. Nah I will be paying my phone bills soon after I paid Anne.

Here's Aunty Laureen  (Uncle Alvin's wife) and Cindy (Cheryl's elder sister) with the legendary Turkey Leg!

Thanks for Candy's Express Tickets! That saves us a lot of time from queuing!!
My favourite rides in theme parks - ROLLER COASTERS!!!!
The Battlestar Galactica which have 2 different rides - Human and Cyclone, I took Human (Red) with Cheryl , Eugene and Clifford but for Cyclone (Blue) nobody dares to take the ride with me..
So I took it alone so fun!
I bought some gifts from Universal Studio (more like buying them for myself haha) bought alot of Gingy stuff I really like Gingy, he is so adorable!!

The laptop bag is for Mr Loh, the rest are all mine!! hahahaha
And there is a cute cookie that I bought

I ate Gingy, unfortunately he does not taste as good as he look lol

There is also fireworks performance which I took a video of it but I keep receiving error while I try to upload in the end I gave up I just tag the video someone else took through YouTube. Sorry Guys!

The fireworks follow the music played and have perfect coordination, it was magnifiicant!!
It their special way of saying good bye to us I guess.

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