Day 32 - Awesome Nuffnang Giveaway!!

Yesterday while I was checking the number of visits to my blog accidentally come across this awesome giveaway for Nuffnangers. Nuffnang will be sending 20 lucky bloggers to go on a sponsored trip to Resort World Genting and enjoy a 3D2N (from 13 July - 15 July) stay filled with sumptuous food and enjoyable music the trip includes tickets to watch Khalil Fong's concert and I was like

 Woah! so good ah???!!

And at that moment I immediately sign up. Firstly you will have to join the programme called Evangelist.
Actually to have more people know about this programme might lower my chances of getting the free trip well being a girl with a heart of gold, how can I not share this good news with all of you right. hahaha
More more details please visit the link 

Another awesome thing would be today is Dumpling Festival thus we have Rice Dumplings to eat..I personally prefer eating Rice Dumpling than Mooncake so i have a picture of the mini rice dumpling it has peanut, meat, salted egg and chestnut in it. 
                 Close up Shoot of Dumpling ;)

It taste amazing cause I love salted egg yorks..hehe I guess right now you must be wondering what do I not like to eat right? haha

Someone just screamed at me this afternoon. He said I always talk nonsense.  Well I guess he is no longer interested in my nonsense. Hmph yesterday I still sign up for an additional person for that Nuffnang giveaway guess I must ask someone else to go with me le... Dunno if Coral is interested or not?  I need to get myself Share Tea's Yam Milk to cheer myself up. Don't care you le you know who you are! Share Tea wait for me don't close so early please....

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