Backdated Post - Nom Nom Nom!

I owe Celine and Mua Eng, our backdated post on our brunch date at Hatched!
As usual the pang seh kia (who always stood us up) - Joe did not come to our outing again!

Welcome to Hatched @ Holland Village!
They are very popular among young peeps especially students who studies around that area - Ngee Ann Poly, Singapore Poly, SIM and NUS...
The girls take forever to decide what they want to eat!

Finally, after the moos went home...We finally decide on what we what to order.
I decorated our glass meeting photo using Red Stamp App. Very pretty right? Strongly recommended by Celine but she switched to Samsung leh no more i phone...
My order - Le Rossini
Classic scrambled eggs dressed in decadent foie gras, drizzled with truffle oil, atop Ciabatta bread, served with sauteed potatoes and caramelised onions.
(Foie Gras - Loved it! Athough when I eat it I will feel guilty cause all the goose very pitiful :(   
Well, but I not so atas so never always eat it lah! )
Omelette with juicy strips of steak, pepper, onion and cream cheese.
The Sleepover
Thick slice of sweet Brioche toasts soaked in eggs, drizzled with maple syrup, with grilled bananas and bacon. Sounds weird but it's quite nice!

Next Stop, Island Creamery for some ice-cream!
Our melting desserts...
Chendol Ice-cream
Pulut Hitam and Nutella topped with peanuts!!
Takeaway Ice-cream cake for my aunty's birthday! Isn't the box cute??
Cake cutting!
My Aunty happily cuts her cake, followed by our

Crabby Dinner -Salted Egg York Crab and Chilli Crab plus lots of other dishes that I didn't have time to take cause everyone was so hungry. I haven't take the photo they finished the dishes.... (>-<)

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