Malaysia Panda was so weak!

Remember the Panda nail art I did in JB
Just a recap...
My right hand's panda fell off and left me with an ugly circle (too ugly to appear here)
I cannot stand to have such ugly nails. We have an emergency which is to save Mindy's nails!
Google and found Susan online.Susan is the owner of  Precious Nails . I must say she is the first manicurist that I have met with a lot of expressions (like funny faces and weird sounds..I meant it in a good way - she is quite cute) Such a pity I didn't have time to chit chat a lot with her cause I was too dead tired (slept at 2 plus the day before)
She was very patient and help me remove the whole set of gel nails which was consider very very fresh I
 think it last me 3 days only. (All my money go to the long gou aka drain)
Luckily I found Susan online, this is how cute she is when she glam up...
Credits to Susan's blog
Mother of 2 and 41 this year!! Lihai ba (powerful? incredible? amazing? unbelievable?)
Okay back to how she rescue my poor nails. First all the buffing and filing then my gelish!
Chose a design on one of the nail art magazine
The end product! Ta Dat!
Nice right? I think I will drop by Susan's place often since I have company bus going to Tampines too! The  price also very reasonable. My gelish plus nail art plus soak off inclusive is $80. Luckily Susan is here to save my day - or else faceless panda would haunt me. Ah Pork want to kill me because of my nails addiction *sob sob* I am affirmed that I want to be a nail technician when I get my own house set up my own home based nail shop - Mission "Every girl deserve to have nails to die for" then shop maybe called Girl, have you nailed it? *daydreaming and drooling mood*

Many Other Random Stuff
1. Melissa (my colleague) offered me cheese nonya biscuit she brought back from Ipoh
It has the cheezy taste (more Western taste) with the local spices (more Chinese taste). Another Fusion!
It has a story behind this biscuit written on the packaging not sure if it is true though
Yummy lunch at Changi Village - Amigo
Chicken Cutlet Horfun with Prawn Dumpling
What Ah Pork and me found in Hougang KangKar Mall NTUC??
They got sell crocodile meat!! This is the first time I see this in NTUC (not sure if you all have seen it, or is it I too sua ku- not enough exposure to outside world?

Anyone watched Singapore's movie - I Not Stupid
Credits to Wikipedia
 Oh my gosh, didn't know the show was so long back in 2002. 10 YEARS AGO!!! So fast 10 years already which means when I watch this show I am still in my teens! Goodbye youth....
*hide one corner and weep*

You all would remember if you watched the show Terry the crybaby in the show (the chubby boy in the centre)
He is now all grown up to a charming young man. All the girls last time should have go after him. This is what all of you missed out...
Credits to S.KYL
 Look at 2012!!! No wonder some people say fat people are potential share 潜力股! Don't know if I am one. Ah Pork say he wait forever for me to undergo transformation like this one - lose weight and stunned people. Not sure if it can be as powerful as this case. If I slim down, maybe I become worse looking then my current fat Hum Chee Pang face? (insecurities and fear looms around) I just want to stay healthy and happy - but now definitely not healthy - feel tired and panting after climbing short flight of stairs :( 
Another inspiring case will be Eric Lim's recent post on dealing with weight problem.
Had been following his blog a few months - just got to know that he is actually a plump little boy when he is young - he worked hard and lost weight 胖ness (fatness) left him. I am a bit sad cause 胖ness was always my friend don't know when he will defriend me (thinking to myself I don't want to be a fat bride on my wedding - something has to be done!!)
According to The Secret, I just have to ask for the things I want, believe it will happen and wait for it to happen. *heehee* I think right now Ah Pork wants to burn the book away muahahaha

How? Have not been diligently updating my blog got quite a number of outdated post to post!!! Argh

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