Virgin Flea With Celine!

Due to my ballooning and deflating cycle, my wardrobe is filled with clothes that no longer fit me ('- ' )
Clothes from S - XXXL. I was like 44kg at my lightest which was donkey years back. Haiz... I kinda of miss my ability to see my feet without bending over (*confused* don't know if it is my boobs or is it my tummy blocking my way)

Instead of letting my beautiful clothes collect dust, we shall find new owners for them. So Celine and me shared a stall at the flea market. So we joined the 
Me and my luggage full of clothes.
My virgin experience being a flea market stall owner - so excited - in order to do this well, I made my own pretty price tags - See
I went to cut the tags out punch hole and tie a string over the hole and made my handmade price tag with lots of love...
That Saturday did not start out quite well, it was raining cats and dogs..

Pulling my luggage in the rain waiting for Celine's cab to pick me up. We wasn't exactly early the other day. Most of the stalls were occupied and we managed to get one near the lift lobby. Well I sold my stuff at a very cheap prices like $1 - $5! After spending almost 7 hours there,
Only left with these to bring home. I make $80 odd and a profit of $60 plus and a neat and spacious wardrobe. Muahahaha! Flea market is quite a fun place, was so tempted to things from other stall but managed to curb my insatiable shopping appetite! Good Job! Just when I thought I won't spend a cent on buying crappy stuff back home.

I saw my cousin, Maisie doing CIP (Community Involvement Programme) selling some light sticks etc to public to raise funds. So how can I not support my own cousin??
I donated $10 and got this

He looks like a silly rabbit right? But he can do some stunts... Look carefully...
Super duper cute! Can change to different colours. Just nice for me! Cause this is one of my darkest secrets - I am afraid of dark :X plus can help de-stress. Look at the silly bunny face mood also better liao!

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