Eve of National Day!

Today is National Day! It is a day for Singaporeans to dress all red and celebrate our country's birthday! Since young, I have been attending this special birthday party for many years but this year was an exception, my aunty didn't give me tickets for it :(

Since I don't get to get to NDP and watch the celebration live, I have my own way to wish my country a happy happy birthday which is to sing my way to country's happiness and prosperity! Muahaha went to sing k with Aunty Shirley, Aunty Hannah and Cousin Adeline.

Had dinner at Concorde Hotel's Food Court (haha not so rich to always eat expensive food), well this food court has nice Korean food and Thai food. I love the Thai food there especially the fried egg omelette! I would pay for $5 just to eat an omelette with minced meat and plain rice. We had the set meal at $22 with the prawn omelette, spicy squid and signature soup.
Heavenly Prawn Omelette
Spicy Squid
Erm..I forgot to take picture of the soup...Opps  :X
Adventurous is definitely one of my traits, saw this new Pinoy stall (selling Filipino food). So I bought something I have never try before:
Binalot Pork Sisiq
It is made of pig's cheek meat and liver seasoned with chilli peppers and calamansi. Erm I must say it has a very acquired taste not exactly a popular dish among the three of us. We booked the KTV room with Cash Studio at Cuppage and it will start at 11.30pm. So we have 3 hours to waste we were so bored and decided to walk around to waste time while waiting for Adeline to knock off to join us for K.

On out way heading towards Orchard Central, we saw this strange moving thing
This family were travelling in this around Orchard area. Anyone could enlighten me with what is this thingy call? hahahaha it is my first time seeing this thing on the streets but Aunty Shirley and Aunty Hannah said they saw this before (' - ' )

Discovered a mini flea by accident at Orchard Central and my "can't help but buy" syndrome started again
Bought some lovely stuff
Hope my ugly nails does not affect the beauty of my pocket watch...I loved vintage stuff! And I just love Paris' Eiffel Tower and this pocket watch is a perfect combination!! It comes with a spare battery and cost only $15! And I bought a pair of earrings..
My leopard earrings! Bling Bling...My obessions with leopard spots stuff now grown to leopard itself! 
Oh no!

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