New Lunchie Place - Jacob's Cafe @ Changi

For those who know me well, will probably know I worked in a uber duper super ulu place (some stranded piece of land forgotten by the rest of Singapore unless they happen to also work there). The company's canteen was ermm... worse than my primary school one where I still can choose to eat Western Food or Fishball Noodles (It has only one stall selling the same food everyday). So in order to satisfy our picky tummy. Either Regina or Sopfina will drive us out to REAL FOOD!!

Maybe everyone was feeling rich after getting our pay? We went to Changi Village but this time round not the usual coffeeshop - we are going to some good place to chill (sad we can only drink ice lemon tea during working hours). It is one of the rare cafe/restaurant/drinking place you will spot on the main road opposite the Changi Village Hawker Centre (currently under renovation).

Welcome to Jacob's Cafe...
Humble little cafe with pretty decent food and quite a range of drinks (a collection of wine - saw it on the menu)
Old country feel furniture with the black and white photo.

Girls always have a hard time deciding what to eat...
 Jann's Beef Stew served with tasty baguette.
My Pesto Prawns Sandwich served with Chips 
Fresh and Succulent Prawns
Truffle Fries (cooked with truffle oil) Hmm but I still prefer the Skinny Pizza's one...
By far, the more pricey lunch I had in Changi around 20+, but it helped me survived the remaining half of my day!

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