Maison Ikkoku with Genting Lovelies...

Our brunch meeting after sunset at Maison Ikkoku. Hidden amongst the shop houses along Arab Street, there lies a 3-in-1 interesting combination - cafe, boutique and also a cocktail bar. Proudly present Maison Ikkoku.
We were so tired after a long walk from Bugis, luckily we have a pretty girl pushing the entrance door open for us!
Bloopers - Our reservations were not taken, in the end they still managed to give us a table, so still ok.
The interior decor of the restaurant was pretty minimalist, simple but not losing the its artistic flavour, yet have not wipe off the heritage of this old building structure.
The strong coffee aroma welcomes you and at a smell you know this is a good place to relax and enjoy a cuppa!
After I have taken my seat, this was what caught my eye!
Old Cabinets hanging on the ceiling, admire the bold and unique idea, but the next minute was thinking whether the cabinets are safely secured. Haha cause I sit under them, if they ever fall from the ceiling, I will be flat like prata.
Next discovery,
A former door is now our table. In case, you can't see it properly, it looks like this door here without the knob:
Picture credits to Networx
Menu of goodies?
Food!! Our all day breakfast....
Break of Dawn

Pork Bratwurst + Crispy Smoked Bacon + Vine Cherry Tomatoes + Breakfast Potato + Mesclun Salad + Scrambled Eggs with Chives + Double Orange Salad + Pain De Campagne Toasts.

Smoked Salmon Scrambled
Norwegian Smoked Salmon + Dill Creme Fraiche + Scrambled Eggs with Chives + Multigrain Toast + Chunky Guacamole
Twisted French Omelette
Omelette with Cheddar + Spinach + Chives + Bell Peppers + Vine Cherry Tomatoes + Breakfast Potatoes + Pain De Campagne Toast
Iced Caramel Latte and Ice Americano
Mei Hui wasn't a fan of her Iced Americano, we can tell, it was super thick and a bit too overpowering for us who are not a coffee fan heehee...
Signature MI Latte

Chocolate Truffle Mint Tea

The unusual dish to accompany our beverages...Guess what is it?
Kong Bak Pau

Girls will never ever miss our sweet treats!!
French Toast with Sea Salt Caramel

Inch Thick Sourdough French Toast with Cinnamon + Home-made Sea Salt Caramel + Sour Cream + Double Orange Fruit Salad

The Gluttons

Our photo didn't look as nice
because our self-take photo queen
not here! Vonnie where are you when
we need you the most!! lol

After  we filled up our tummies and finish gossiping lol..Time to head home! This time round, Sharon and Vonnie could not make it :( Hope next time round, they can join us!

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