Movie Treats From Nuffnang!! Paranorman Here We Come!

I am such a lucky girl! Or could it be that Nuffnang love me?? I won movie tickets to watch the preview of Paranorman 3D! Created by United International Pictures - Paranorman is never the usual animated movies that we watch nowadays. See this video and you will understand
Do you all remember there was a film called Nightmare Before Christmas?

This film by Tim Burton also uses the same method - with handmade puppets and changeable expression.
Bought my tag-along...who other than my Ah Pork
Don't feel jealous of us okie? Here's a trailer of Paranorman for all of you...
It is a story of Norman Babcock who lives in the small New English town of Blithe Hollow. Unlike his peers, he is born with a special talent which is he is able to see and communicate with ghost. But, everyone did not believe him not even his family members and he got bullied in school. Due to a curse of the town, he became a hero. 
Can't tell you the whole story la , you all go catch the movie yourself!
But, I can tell you what I have learnt from this movie.

What can we learn from Paranorman?
  • It is alright to be different from the rest, every individual is unique.
  • Brave and be true to yourself
  • In difficult situation, have faith and trust in yourself
  • Adults are not necessarily correct all the time
  • One should learn from their mistakes, own up, apologize and be responsible for what he / she have done
  • Learn to forgive
  • Be grateful for what you have, count your blessings
  • Family bonds are tighter than anything else
  • Loyalty as a friend
Guess what surprises we had? We were given Paranorman Stickers after the movie!!
Cool Stuff right! 
Last but not least, Big Thank You to Nuffnang, United International Pictures and Cathay!! If you wish to know more about Paranorman, do visit their website, Click here : Paranorman

All videos are credited to their rightful owners. Tata~!


  1. lucky girl! I love how the film has so many good meanings too. ^^

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    1. Yupyup! And thanks babe for your nomination! Have be slacking and haven't blog for sometime. #guilty

  2. Woah, congratz on winning the tickets ^^

    xo, L
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