Thank you and Jealousy Post + TVB Series Review...

Well, I must thank Resort World Genting  and Stephanie, ever since they have featured the bloggers' experience to Genting, and because of some free advertisements from Stephanie's blog, my post on Genting trip itself have accumulated quite a number of views!! Muahahaha

We still do contact each other via Whatsapp and are organising a dinner together.  The reunion dinner for the Genting Cool Bloggers and Plus 1!

Talking about Stephanie, I am so jealous... She won the tickets to watch Starhub TVB Awards and a Nikon Camera! *Sobx I only can emo one corner!* Lucky Stephanie!!

This was the blogger contest that I asked her to join!! She get to go to the red carpet and watch the award ceremony plus might be able to go backstage! *Excited for her* Can see the Hong Kong artiste like Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, maybe Bosco Wong (wow!! so good right!)

I also got join but never got picked I guessed. Since the ceremony is this Sat and there are only 6 bloggers and me never receive any phone calls. Think my fate is only can buy my own camera and stay at home watch Hong Kong drama to see the stars loh...(Keep staring at phone, hoping Starhub calls me)

Just finish watching this Hong Kong Drama:
Credits to and
Three Kingdoms RPG  回到三國 
It stars Kenneth Ma as Szema Shun(司馬信), a young game addict, who accidentally travels back 1,800 over years back to Three Kingdoms era of Chinese History where he met his idol and also his character in the game he was playing in modern times - Chukot Leung (諸葛亮) played by Raymond Lam.

Why should you catch this series?

  • Let me know more about Chinese History especially the Three Kingdoms where it is a very confusing period - conflicts were among nobles and warlords.
  • Reflect the morals of current society and how has it been falling away from the good traditional Chinese morals and beliefs 
  • Very entertaining and funny
  • Cultivate and nurture correct moral values in younger generation which we lack today such as loyal, humble, respectful, down-to-earth, responsible,etc etc..
  • Trigger interest in viewers to learn more about Chinese history and such classic novels.
  • Learn about some of the famous chinese proverbs and idioms , how they came about (劉備借荊州——有借無還,  說曹操曹操就到 and 万事俱备,只欠东风 )
  • Learn about warfare strategies ( 三十六计 Thirty-Six Strategy which was used in warfare and could be applied in daily life. Some of the strategies used in the show are  无中生有,  明修栈道,暗渡陈仓, 苦肉計!
  • Twist in the ending 
It kinda of make me feel more knowledgeable and wise lol! I learn about how we can benefit from traditional chinese teachings as well.

What I don't like?
  • I like that there is twist in the ending but also don't really like it
  • I think they could have elaborate more on the Fight at Red Cliff and other incidents during that era (think the series too short)
Logically brainy me says " Finally, a show with not so predictable ending, more practically perspective"
Emotionally dreamy me says " Why no good ending?"

Now I want to start watching Ghetto Justice 2 怒火街頭2!!


  1. In the end I didn't have any chance to go to the backstage! X( Thank you for telling me about this contest nevertheless! Hope the pictures in my upcoming blog entry will make you feel better! (No Raymond Lam though...)

    By the way, I didn't know my blog readers have checked out your blog! :D

  2. Haha at least is one of us win de!! 肥水不流外人田ma. Lol :D