One Day Experience as a "Branded Delivery Man"

People who know me would know where I work at. Logistics. Brown. Ring a bell?? The some sort of Atas Logistic firm whose presence in US is much muchie bigger than it is here! Well, new hires ok maybe not so new will go on an attachment with the SP (erm. what  people commonly regard as deliveryman / courier man).We are supposed to deliver goods to our beloved customers learn more about logistics and how it works.
For today's attachment, I have Sophina and Yvonne with me together in the ill-fitting, baggy brown uniform haha the sizes don't really fit us well :( 
Here they are, their best SP pose (with our brown cute vans)
And me, figure out that everyone looks all proper and calm, i shall show how exciting I am
OMG! I look seriously retarded..But well, at least I made you all laughed right? Just hope my company does not issue a warning letter to me for having crazy pose in uniform (risking my job to take a photo!)
Well, this is before we go deliver our parcels - we are very serious when it comes to work well this shows that we can have fun and work balance *wiping sweat on forehead*

After going for pickups and delivers with our SP, you will know what is called blood sweat money (money earned with sweat and blood - tough money). It is not just what we thought it is, scanning packages and just carry to customers. They have to plan their route very well like some special police unit going to catch fugitives, use technology given like IT experts, walk in speed of light, have the strength of Hercules, patient like a teacher, courteous like courtesy lion, dedicated to their job and able to withstand extreme weather. They are like superheroes can!

Rain or shine, their packages are always their first priority! You shelter your goods in rain instead of yourself...It is a normal day for them but like an extreme workout for me, I didn't even carry parcels only getting up and down the van and walk around I already half dead. That is probably why the SP who is in charge of industrial area so fit! Happened to be attached to Uncle Chung and chatty me had be bugging him the whole journey asking him about his job, his view on our company and some family stuff.
This is superhero Uncle Chung handling the Kaki Bukit area 
Friendly, Down-to-Earth, Super Nice! Guess how old he is? He is 52 this year!!! I not yet 52 already like a balloon and he still strong, fit and healthy!! Manage to snap a shot of him before I go back to UPS House.

We pickup via a scary looking (like going to breakdown anytime) cargo lift
Uncle Chung said he sometimes needs to pick up 34 packages like this!!! 34 wooden plank packages x 20kg each = ?? You do the maths...And this is only one pickup and he had at least 12 pickups a day that is not inclusive of packages that he have to deliver!!

He is also like a Doraemon - has lots of pockets and compartments (can find old-flower spectacles, staple, pen, envelope, tag, Diad etc. Diad is the machine where they scanned the package, ask customer to sign, receive pickup location and details. According to our company website : It is the most comprehensive tracking device, combining data collection and transamission technologies; digital signature capture , expandable memory and rugged construction to withstand extreme temperature and hard falls.
It looks something like this:
Diad V information and picture credits to UPS
See!Busy delivering goods that even his seat spoil already still not been replaced!!
While Uncle Chung was looking for the delivery place, useless me was camwhoring on van...
Felt a bit weird in the uniform, cause people look at me in a very weird manner. Think they never see female SP around, maybe I should consider doing part-time SP after I get my driving license? Can confirm lose a substantial amount of weight!
Uncle still treat me to Hokkien Mee and Teh Bing for lunch. Maybe we both Hokkien so eat Hokkien Mee lol! Own people!

Went back to UPS House for briefing on our warehousing...
We are back in our civilian clothes...Me and the pallets and heavy packages in warehouse during briefing!
Before heading home,
Pretend to drive a UPS Tutu Van which was used a long long time ago.
Yvonne 's turn to take photo with the Tutu.
Muahahaha we are like tourists! Probably because we stationed at Alps??

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