First Attempt to Roller Blade

SsssHhh! Stop laughing guys! Yes, I have not roller blade before for 20 odd years of my life. The mahjong lovelies and me the Bang Zhu (Clan Leader in Chinese) are out for some outdoor fun.
I was really hoping for some outdoor fun, it ended up more like an outdoor bump.

Fell down like no one's business. Even fell in a split position, I am shocked that I could still do splits after I stop dancing for far too long that I could remember.

We have our first step to a healthier lifestyle - Our Chicken Salad and Soup (the soup was finished faster than I could get my hands to snap a decent picture of it)

I got a souvenir after this outing-
Bruises and swollen veins....
This was what Sok got
They are not water droplets, they are blisters that are caused by her socks. The sock pattern have imprinted on her leg and all these blisters are now patches of blue black!!

Don't think we will have another outdoor outing so soon ya!!

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