Backdated Post- Mid Autumn Festival @ Chinese Garden

I can't believe it was like Mid-Autumn was 2 MONTHS ago and I have not post anything about it. Well, Sopfina talked about the statistical reading of somewhat your character and life which was quite accurate according to her. It kinda of ignite my curiosity and wanted to get my own reading there. I have a really hard time persuading people to go with me cause it was really out of the way. It is at Chinese Garden, near the end of Western part of Singapore. I tell you it is freaking far but not as far as Ah Pork's school.

I was trying to beg Ah Pork to go with me when it is only 2 MRT stops away from the nearest MRT station from his school and yet he refused to do so. What a "sweet boyfriend" he is right? Luckily, I always have supportive family members, my Aunty Shirley went there to get our readings done (unsure whether we will even get to see the booth on a random weekday night). 

For both of us, this will probably be our second time in our lifetime to visit Chinese Garden. To our surprise, we ain't the only ones around, there are quite a number of people mostly tourists, foreigners and I suspect some of the Chinese students from Ah Pork's school too. 

We were lucky we didn't need to walk too far to reach the booth, got the entry tickets at cheaper price because I am a PassionCard member (by the way watch movie also cheaper) we got free lanterns somemore (but it is not exactly like those chinese lantern lantern kind more like sci-fic kind ..later you continue to read then will know le)

The Oriental Pagoda With Stone Lion...Nononono They are not the normal stone lion we see outside temple and traditional oriental building.
They are made of paper - lantern lions! My first time seeing something like this...
Enormous Swan on the Lake.
We have characters from famous children storybooks!
Like 3 Little Pigs
Little Matchstick Girl
There are a lot of other exhibits
The Frog Prince
Photo Spam!!! ALERT!!

There's also wall full of dragons..
Like the different kind of dragons that are in different dynasty...

Dragons in the chinese history did undergo a great change over the years.
I hoped you all are still awake?
We was in time to watch the performance, Sichuan Face Changing, Opera and Acrobatics.
I don't know what's into us but we took a picture with the performer lol
We did a kinda of statistical combined fortune telling. Guess what I am the Number 1 person.
People are characterized into different number people with different characters.
Here's a summarized idea of how I am like.
Born Leader = Bossy and demanding at times. Frank and Direct = May hurt others with words unintentionally. But the person say I should do jobs related to people (consulting), Land (Property Agent) and Wood (Printing or Apparels) and said my current is very bad for me.. :(
True enough this is like one of the more challenging jobs I have, but still not fair to cause previously are all temp jobs which have less expectations and more relaxed I guess.
Me and Aunty Shirley did all sorts of stupid stuff...haha
Trying to jump and reach the lanterns and Stupid Poses
Trying to fly to the moon like the folktale the Chang Ee ate an longevity pill and flew up to the moon and become a fairy there. Except the story like was I have ate lots of moon cakes and was unable to fly.
#Failed Attempt to Fly Me To The Moon
Pose of the Day?
This is the free lantern that was given to us. Resembles a flying saucer with glowing lights.
Aunty Shirley trying to hide behind me so her face look smaller -_-
And we tried our best to fly the lantern, yes fly - when you pull the attached rope then it is supposed to fly. But it didn't work so we pretend we can fly with it.
And guess who we look like now? We look like Aunty Shirley Favourite Cartoon Character - Doraemon
We ended the day by showcasing the artistic side of us.

 A photo of a not so usual moon. The moon that day was like in between orange and red colour. 

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