Xmas with the King of Gamblers

Actually, can't really call them King of Gamblers more like King of Poker cause only one was well regarded by Ah Pork's group of buddies which is non other than Chee How. Well the rest are definitely better than me and Ah Pork (I keep hesitating and scared = Mr Loh, No strategy anyhow cheong = Me)

This is the virgin christmas spent with Mr Loh's secondary school buddies after we have been together for 7 years. For many years, my other parties always clash with his friends and I have no choice but to let him go there alone. Maybe I am just afraid, cause initially his friends ain't very supportive of our relationship due to the size differences (now the gap narrowed, when Mr Loh and I ballooned together (O_O) haha...

Maybe I am just over sensitive, or am I suffering from some self esteem diminishing illness? Anyway, Xmas is all about good food, presents and lots of fun. Hmm I didn't really snap any photos on that day (not sure if they mind), so I now need to steal photos from our photographer on that day, Mr Wong who did not seem to be able to focus the DSLR and do zooming..Opps but he really took a couple of great shots, like those below:

While we were learning how to play San Guo Sha (三国杀), a strategy card game that is based on the Three Kingdom Period in China's history with characters who we are familiar with like Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Zhang Fei etc.
It reminds me of another card game called "BANG!" (in case, some of you don't know, haha I used to work in Settlers' Cafe - the board game cafe at Clarke Quay - serve food + teach people board games) So, I know a couple of popular games. But, this is new to me, so I super attentive @_@

The photo that puzzled me...
Look at that Vain Pork...Still can smile to the camera while others are paying attention. And why am I gazing 
at him. I look damn kuku! (-__-) Hmph later he thought I mesmerized by him.

By the way, that day we won $12, maybe I am Ah Pork's lucky star. Maybe it's the lucky casino chip that Yao Hao gave us. Cause Mr Loh always lose when he plays poker with them. 

Last but not least, have to show the charming and pretty faces that attended the party this  last year.
The Guys - Jiale, Yu Xiang (Host), Marvin, Jastin, Yao Hao (Back Row from Left to Right)
Chee How and Mr Loh
The Gals - only me and Samantha  *sobx*

Wei Kai did not attend the party thus his girlfriend Esther didn't come too. Well, we are always outnumber though, look forward to 2013 Xmas - hope the guys find their Ms Right to add more gals to the group.

Special thanks to Yu Xiang (for hosting the party- seems like every year he open house for the guys to come and for the yummy curry and chicken wings}, Jastin (for working hard behind the lens to capture quality pictures of us), Yao Hao and Samantha (for the lucky chips from Macau which made our pockets full that day), Marvin (for bringing the Soya Bean Tart - yupyup first time trying that ) and Chee How (for displaying and showcasing his poker talents and let us learn a bit from him) and Jiale (for being a great company)

See you guys next Christmas!

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