Shitty Work Week

Seriously, please forgive me cause I am going to whine and complain about my life. I rarely do that only to people close to me so all of you reading my blog are the privileged ones (all of you probably want to kill me, if privileged = receiving all my rubbish...)

Apart from my unhealthy lifestyle and overweight body, I need a break from my life. Working 5 days a week on a nerve racking job and a part time job over the weekends. Had kinda of suck me dry.... Don't really had much time for rest.

This week was particularly AWFUL...Ever since I started working perm for the job, I had kept falling sick like once a month. I had never work in other jobs that I fall sick so damn often to the point that I secretly think that my boss must have thought I was faking it and dying to sack me...And now, that I am down with
FOOD POISONING! Worse cause I am supposed to cover Sof while she is overseas.

And this is the only time I had to update my pathetic is that...

Maybe I have to look for another job before I get killed on the job!

This is how the cycle goes:

(pic credits :

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