Day 33 - Top Five People That Gets On My Nerves

Well I am so pissed off today by this pair of mother and son who came to the counter and come up with some grandmother story and avoid to pay for the overdue items. I decided to let all of you the Top Ten People who will pissed me off!

5. People who thinks too highly of themselves
4. People whose actions does not match what they say
3. People who are rude
2. People who are dishonest
1. People who are irresponsible

Although there are many more traits that people have that will really push me to my limits but this 5 I really could not stand and this pair of mother and son hits like 4 out of 5.
 They are seriously the worse, rude, ill-mannered, dishonest and shameless pair.
Argh...Totally spoilt my day. Don't all of you think that when things were going well, there will always be some crappy thing or person will just popped up out of no where! Haha Just to warn all of you out there

Someone should seriously give me a Most Calm and Poised When Meeting Jerks Award! I really deserved it, I didn't reply rudely or whatsoever even though I really feel like slapping their idiotic faces!! Argh...
Better catch some sleep and not let this matter affect me. Hmm still need to reserve seats for thursday  night dinner with Coral Yeo!

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